Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ANOTHER FALL by Nancy A. Hansen

Amongst the objectives of this e-zine is to bring you features that other news sources do not.
To that end, here is a poem written, submitted, and (c) by Nancy A. Hansen.


Come fall, come frost
When summer bows her head
To the inevitable
And the fading flowers
Adorning her dress
In every field and roadside
Looking tattered
And timeworn
In sepia tones
Wan and well-aged
They speak of endings
But to brighten my mood
The trees color up
Crimson and ocher
Scarlet and gold
Nut brown and raw sienna
One last fling
Before they drift down
To carpet the grass
In Persian splendor
Squirrels now hustle
Along stone walls
Cheek pouches bulging
With spring’s largesse
Now autumn’s harvest
And crickets chirp
Long into the dusk
My symphony for free
I will walk a ways
To feel the sun still
Warm on my back
Through a sweater
That keeps out the chill
While the wind stirs
Whirlwinds of leaves
Dancing down the road
Ahead of me
The promise of winter
Is in its bite
I care not
If the evenings are cold
And the daylight shorter
For the apples are sweet
And the pumpkins plump
And orange
On rotting vines
In all the fields
Fall is welcome
Here in the country
It is time for rest
And restlessness
As birds flock away
And deer bolt by
And geese cry in the night
In chevron flight
That the frost is coming
That the cold is near
How bitter, yet how sweet
Is this time of year
To savor
For one who
Loves the
Change of seasons

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