Saturday, June 30, 2012


Celebrating their 100th anniversaries this year: L. L. Bean; Fenway Park, home field to the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball; Universal Studios, Paramount Studios,  and the Oreo Cookie.
Independence Day is July 4 (next Wednesday) in the United States of America.

Amongst events happening around the world this past week...
*Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney has vowed "to do what the Supreme Court didn't" and repeal "Obama Care" as his first official act as President of the United States if elected.
*UNESCO has declared the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem the first World Heritage Site.
*The Chinese space capsule Shenzhou 9 successfully returned to Earth with all three astronauts.
*Believe it or not, the city of Stockton, California has filed for bankruptcy protection.
*A Salavador Dali drawing stolen from a New York gallery was returned via the postal system!
*Civil unrest continues in Syria, Bahraini, and Pakistan.

*The Supreme Court upheld the basic tenets of what has been billed as "Obama Care" (officially known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), but stated that implementation is up to the individual states, leaving many in need to wonder just how much health care they will eventually have that they do not possess now.
*Minors found guilty of crimes cannot automatically be sentenced to life without parole.
*The State of Arizona's immigration law is unconstitutional, except the provision allowing officers to ask about a person's citizenship status if suspected of being illegal while questioned if relevant to current case being investigated.

*Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have announced their intention to divorce.
*Director, playwright, and screenwriter Nora Ephron has passed away.
*The Spice Girls reunited to attend the premiere of Viva Forever!, a musical based upon their songs, at a West End playhouse.

*The UEFA Euro 2012 tournament (European football/soccer) is approaching its final matches.
*Final preparations are underway for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England, as individual countries finalize their teams.

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Regardless of where you live, whether they're domestic or foreign imports, movies have played a big impact upon our lives.
In Hollywood, USA; two major studios and several classic films are celebrating milestone anniversaries this year.
From the clues below, can you identify everybody?
NOTE: In the spirit of fairness, the two studios are first. The rest are movies.

01. This studio is famous for its original monster movies and Woody Woodpecker, amongst other things.
02. This studio branched out into television production when it acquired the Desilu Studios in the late 1960s.
03. The 1980s remake of this film starred Al Pacino in the title role.
04. Elmo Lincoln originated the role in the first silent movie adaptation of this classic novel, but you couldn't hear the yell until the talking picture was made.
05. "We'll always have Paris."
06. "But Moses supposes erroneously."
07. The first movie in this franchise was actually an adaptation of the sixth book.
08. "Shoot all the blue jays you want, if you can hit them, but remember: it's a sin..."
09. "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse."

We'll pass the popcorn and reveal all next weekend. But for now, let's peek inside THE ANSWERS BOX and see the results from the June 23, 2012 Puzzle Corner.

You have six "sticks" lined up next to each other. Can you represent nothing by only moving two of them, without bending or breaking the "sticks"?

You start out with this:  | | | | | |
You move one to lay diagonally between the first two: |\| | | |
Then you move the last one to lay down against the bottom corner of the "stick" to its left: |\| | |_
And you spell NIL, another word for nothing.

Changing only one letter each time, and being sure to form a new word each time, here's how you change FOUL to PLAY in seven moves.
FOoL (01)
FOOt (02)
sOOT (03)
SlOT (04)
SLAt (05)
SLAy (06)
pLAY (07)

Friday, June 29, 2012


Prolific New Pulp author Bobby Nash has released his latest novel as the second book from his person BEN Books imprint.

In Earthstrike Agenda, Humanity has finally reached the stars.
Once barren, decimated by war and the depletion of natural resources, the planet has been reborn with less people taxing its assets. 
But now Scavengers prey upon small mining towns and colonies. The United Planetary Alliance Marshal's Service seems unable to stop these raids. The only law on many colonies, they are outmanned and outgunned.
Newly promoted Captain, Virgina Harmon takes command of her first starship, the Pegasus, the latest vessel built in hope of solving the Scavenger problem. Plagued by nervousness over her first command Captain Harmon is rocked by the news of her mentor’s murder.  Just days before he was to report to her aboard the Pegasus as the chief of engineering.
In Earth orbit, a science station becomes a target.  An enemy has a plan to use the Space Lab facility as a means to claiming Earth for itself.
In deep space, the United Planetary Alliance city-ship Ulysis welcomes aboard a high-ranking officer with a special mission for the crew.  Those plotting against the Alliance are preparing to make their move and their first target is the Ulysis.
Meanwhile, in the deepest regions of space an enemy has returned.  An enemy seeking vengeance.

Whoever controls Earth wins!

Earthstrike Agenda is now available in both print and e-formats from
Visit the author's home page at for more information about this and Bobby Nash's other works.

Monday, June 25, 2012


It's the summertime. The weather is hot, and so is the prose.
Pro Se Press, that is.
Over the last few weeks, the company has released several projects for your summer reading enjoyment.
In order of debut:

Cover by Sean Ali

Although it might be mistakenly listed as issue 12 at, this issue features the debut of new, female private investigator Kate Keener in The Keener Eye: "The Web of Life by series creator Nancy A. Hansen, along "Tomahawk Mountain" by Kevin Rodgers.

Cover by Mike Fyles
The latest joint venture between Pro Se and Altus Press brings another classic pulp character to modern audiences in new adventures.
Armless O'Neil is an adventurous soldier of fortune hunting for treasure and whatever else might come his way in stories by noted New Pulp writers Sean Taylor, Nick Ahlhelm, R. P. Steeves, Ian Watson, and Chuck Miller.

Cover by Mitch Foust
New Pulp's own spokesperson has appeared at various conventions over the past year, but now debuts in her first anthology.
Featuring an origin story by Tommy Hancock, the volume also includes adventures written by Terry Alexander, Ron Fortier, Erwin K. Roberts, and Andrea Judy.

Cover by Bob Hall
Barry Reese opens his generational pulp hero to new authors in the character's first anthology.
With adventures written by Reese, Ron Fortier, Bobby Nash, Mike Bullock, Percival Constantine, and Tommy Hancock.

Cover by David Russell
Another great collaboration between Pro Se and Altus Press in their Pulp Obscura line.
The Nation's ace troubleshooter of G-2 is back in action packed adventures written by Nick Ahlhelm, Teel James Glenn, Ashley Magnin, Bobby Nash, R. P. Steeves, and Lee Houston, Junior.

Cover by Marc Guerrero
The one that kicked off the 2012 Summer reading season!
From the creator of Hugh Monn, Private Detective; Lee Houston, Junior's superhero homage to the Silver Age of Comic Books in his debut adventure!
The once peaceful planet of Shambala is on the verge of extinction.
A menace of their own creation now considers himself the high and mighty ruler of all, determined to have the realm of his dreams regardless of the costs to others.
Now the scientist responsible for the danger seeks to correct his mistake by performing the experiment again on another world, but this planet is home to a far more primitive culture than his own.
Even if he is successful, can Alpha save Shambala before it's too late?

All books are available in both print and e-book formats from either or Pro Se Press at

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Being me is a full time job!

Hello Everybody! Ms. Waxy Dragon here.
From time to time I get e-mail here at The Free Choice E-zine, but I must say that this latest one has me a bit puzzled.

Dear "Ms. Waxy Dragon":
What do you do when you're not being Waxy?

What an odd question. I'm a baby dragon (unless you believe that silly story that I'm really one of many avatars for an avid Internet user who contributes regularly to this E-zine) and being me is a full time job as it is. Who has time for anything else?

But it did get me to thinking about other people's jobs.

Writers write, so what do authors do, auth?

I know magicians magish, but I certainly don't want to be around a wizard when he's on active duty.

Actors and actresses act, but then again everyone's a critic, so your opinions of individual performances may vary.

Some people get fancy with job titles so the position sounds better than it actually is. Like a "custodial engineer" is really a janitor. But then again, what does Jan do anyway?

Now chefs cook, but so do cooks. Of course, I have yet to meet a "sandwich artist", but I don't care who makes the food as long as I get to eat.

How can you be a housekeeper when your cleaning work is outside the home, like for a motel or hotel?

Does a finish carpenter have to wait for the starting carpenter to do their part, or does that just mean the carpenter is from Finland?

In any event, I'm unfortunately out of space. Please come back next weekend for more Sunday Funnies, and whatever you want to call me, just please don't make it collect!
Have a great week everybody!-wd.


Saturday, June 23, 2012


June 19 marked the 20th anniversary of the Tim Burton directed Batman Returns.
*The 2012 Wimbledon Tennis Tournament will begin June 25.

Amongst events that have happened around the world this past week include:
*After being found guilty on 45 counts of sexually abusing children, former Pennsylvania State University football coach Jerry Sandusky has been placed on suicide watch while he awaits formal sentencing.
*The 2012 G20 Summit is focusing upon the economic situation in Europe.
*Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo has been impeached and replaced by Federico Franco.
*Rodney King, the focal point of the Los Angeles, California riots in 1992 was found dead in the bottom of a swimming pool in Rialto, California. Authorities are still investigating the matter.
*Civil unrest continues in Yemen and Syria.

*The 2013 additions to the fabled Hollywood Walk of Fame have been announced. Receiving a star next year will be Helen Mirren, James Francisco, Janis Joplin, Jane Lynch, Katey Segal, Matthew Perry, Olympia Dukakis, Ellen DeGeneres, Penn & Teller, Ron Howard, Rick Baker, Steve Harvey, "Shotgun" Tom Kelly, Jane's Addiction, The New Kids on the Block, Jennifer Hudson, Simon Baker, Bryan Cranston, Javier Bardem, Viola Davis,Usher, Thalia, Luther Vandross, and the Backstreet Boys.

*The Miami (Florida) Heat defeated the Oklahoma City (Oklahoma) Thunder to win the 2012 professional baseball championship.
*Former professional baseball pitcher Roger Clemens has been cleared of all perjury charges resulting from steroid/human growth hormone probes.
*Webb Simpson won the 2012 U.S. Open in professional golf.
*The UEFA Euro2012 European football (soccer) tournament is entering its final week of competition, with a championship game scheduled for July 1.
*Believe it or not: Pro Wrestler John Cena has recently honored his 300th! request via the Make A Wish Foundation.

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Another weekend is upon us, but that doesn't mean your brain should go completely idle. Ready for a few conundrums?

A new enigma to our rotating cast of Puzzle Corner challenges.
The object of our initial outing is simple. Below are six "sticks". Can you put two of them in new positions (without breaking or bending them) to create nothing?

| | | | | | |

Changing one letter at a time to form a new word at each step, can you change FOUL into PLAY within 7 steps?

We'll reveal all next weekend. But for now, let's peek inside THE ANSWERS BOX and find out the results from our Father's Day Puzzle Corner June 16, 2012.

What recording artist keeps (jokingly) promising to someday make an album entitled Songs My Mother Hates ?

This famous recording artist always kept her beautician's license up to date in case her music career ever ended.

And for those interested, my father is a huge country/western music fan, hence each answer being an artist from that genre to celebrate Father's Day.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Paws up for Dad!
Hello Everybody! Autumn the Puppy here.
And of course, I have some good Father's Day themed jokes for you to share with dear ol' Dad.

A teacher asked her student how old their father was.
The student replied, "My Dad is as old as I am."
"How can that be?" asked the confused teacher.
"He didn't become a father until I was born."

A young English lad asked his father if he had ever been to Egypt.
The father replied no, which caused the child to ask, "Then where did you get mummy?"

What does a baby computer call its father?

Hmmm... I thought I had more than that.
I guess it just proves that being a parent is a serious business.
After all, anyone can be a father. That's just simple biology.
But it takes someone special to be a dad.

In any event, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, and please be back next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Tomorrow is FATHER'S DAY within the United States of America.

Amongst events happening around the world this past week:
*President Barack Obama has announced some changes to the Immigration rules concerning minors entering the country. While many immigrants look forward to the chance to become more productive and official American citizens, Republican pundits are criticizing the measure as a reward for sneaking into this country illegally in the first place.
*Although they have yet to officially hold their convention, the Republican Party has already spent several million US dollars on attack ads against Democratic contestants across the country, especially incumbent President Barack Obama.
*Sadly, civil unrest continues in Syria, Bahraini, and Afghanistan.
*The cash amount of the Nobel Prizes is being reduced by 20% in hopes of preserving the longevity of its operating fund.
*China successfully launched the Shenzhou 9 rocket carrying two male and one female astronaut to its Tiangong 1 module in Earth orbit.
*Coca-Cola Enterprises has reestablished operations in Myanmar after 60 years, leaving North Korea and Cuba the only countries the soft drink empire does not have a presence.

*Amongst the 2012 Tony Award (Broadway Stage) winners were Clybourne Park for Best Play and Once for Best Musical.
*HBO has issued formal apologies to anyone offended by a fake head on a pike that allegedly resembled former US President George W. Bush on a recent episode of Game of Thrones.

*Shanshan Feng won the 2012 Ladies Professional Golf Championship.
*Rafael Nadal won the Men's Singles in the 2012 French Open of tennis.
*The United States Anti-doping Agency has leveled charges against seven time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.
*"Union Rags" won the winner of the 2012 Belmont Stakes horse race. "I'll Have Another" was removed from the competition prior to the event, preventing the horse from being the first Triple Crown winner since "Affirmed" in 1978.

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This weekend's Puzzle Corner is in honor of my father, who is a huge fan of one particular type of music.
Which is the only hint you will be getting as you try to solve the following enigmas!

What recording artist keeps (jokingly) promising to someday make an album entitled Songs My Mother Hates ?

Can you guess the identity of the famous person, based upon the clue below?

This famous recording artist always kept her beautician's license up to date in case her music career ever ended.

We'll reveal all next weekend, but for now, let's open THE ANSWERS BOX and play some baseball as we discover who the teams on the scoreboard are from June 9th's PLAY BALL! quiz.

01. ARI = Arizona Diamondbacks
02. ATL  = Atlanta Braves   
03. BAL = Baltimore Orioles
04. BOS = Boston Red Sox
05. CHC = Chicago Cubs
06. CIN = Cincinnati Reds
07. CLE = Cleveland Indians
08. COL = Colorado Rockies
09. CWS = Chicago White Sox
10. DET = Detroit Tigers
11. HOU = Houston Astros
12. KC = Kansas City Royals
13. LAA = Los Angeles Angels at/of Anaheim 
14. LAD = Los Angeles Dodgers
15. MIA = Miami Marlins
16. MIL = Milwaukee Brewers
17. MIN = Minnesota Twins
18. NYM = New York Mets
19. NYY = New York Yankees
20. OAK = Oakland Athletics
21. PHI = Philadelphia Phillies
22. PIT = Pittsburgh Pirates
23. SEA = Seattle Mariners
24. SD = San Diego Padres
25. SF = San Francisco Giants
26. STL = Saint Louis Cardinals
27. TB = Tampa Bay Rays
28. TEX = Texas Rangers
29. TOR = Toronto Bluejays
30. WSH = Washington Nationals

Monday, June 11, 2012


Cover Art by David L. Russell

He is the Nation's Ace Troubleshooter, the Country's Amazing Master Spy! Jeff Shannon is The Eagle, America's Ultimate Secret Agent! And He Flies Again in six all new stories in THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THE EAGLE, the latest PULP OBSCURA release from Pro Se Productions, in conjunction with ALTUS PRESS!
PULP OBSCURA, bringing Adventures and Heroes Lost in Yesterday Blazing to Life in New Pulp Tales Today!,is an imprint of Pro Se Productions, a leading New Pulp Publisher, in conjunction with Altus Press, a top Publisher of both New Pulp and Classic Reprints, that features rare and largely unknown Pulp characters from yesterday featured in brand new stories written by Today’s New Pulp writers!
THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THE EAGLE is the third Pulp Obscura volume since the line debuted!
From Japan to Berlin, from Paris to Moscow, from London to Washington D.C. and all points between and beyond, his reputation for facing the most dangerous opponents, taking on the most difficult missions is well known.  Waging a One Man War Against America's Enemies and those Who Threaten Liberty Across The Globe! From Out of the Past Comes New Tales of One of Pulp's Forgotten Heroes!
Thrill to Six Sensational Tales of High Powered Adventure, Heart Stopping Thrills,and Death Defying Action from Nick Ahlhelm, Teel James Glenn, Ashley Mangin, Bobby Nash, R. P. Steeves, and The Free Choice E-zine's own Lee Houston, Junior! And featuring a stunning cover by award winning artist David L. Russell and fantastic design work by Sean Ali!
Join Jeff Shannon as he fights against the foes of freedom in fantastic new adventures! PULP OBSCURA PROUDLY PRESENTS THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THE EAGLE! From Pro Se Productions in conjunction with Altus Press! Pro Se Productions- Puttin' The Monthly Back into Pulp!
 Get THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THE EAGLE today at and and!  And coming VERY soon in all ebook formats!

Also debuting on the same day as this new Pulp Obscura volume is THE EAGLE OMNIBUS from Altus Press! Jeff Shannon, Special Agent for G-2 Secret Service, is better known throughout the world by his other moniker: the Eagle. Featuring all five of the Eagle’s published stories, plus two related stories, these classic espionage stories have never been completely reprinted before... until now. Featuring an introduction by Tom Johnson, this is a must have for Pulp Fans!


Hello Everybody. Ms. Waxy Dragon here!
Okay. Okay. I know it's Monday and these were supposed to be posted yesterday. After all, the column is called the SUNDAY Funnies.
Anyway, I'm here now, and if anyone asks, I was nowhere near that dark chocolate vault in Bulgosia. I have absolutely no idea why it is empty now.
But on to the jokes!

Do you know why a room full of married people looks so empty?
There's not a single person in it!

What kind of key do you need to open a banana?
A monkey.

What did the number zero say to number eight when they first met?
0 "Nice belt." 8

What do you get if you divide the circumference of a jack-o-lantern by its diameter?
Pumpkin pi.

What did the television say to the remote?
"You turn me on."

Have you ever noticed that every network starts their nightly news broadcast with "Good Evening", and then starts telling you why it ain't

A magician was driving down the road and then he turned into a driveway.

Now, weren't those worth the wait?
In any event, hope you have a great week everybody and please be back here next weekend (yes, it's Autumn the Puppy's turn so she'll be on time, I think) for more Sunday Funnies!-wd

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Amongst events happening around the world this past week include:
*Political analysts report that so far, Republican candidates have far outspent Democratic candidates campaigning for the fall elections, but remind voters that it's a question of quality, not quantity.
*China is preparing to launched its first manned space flight later this month to an already orbiting experimental module.
*The International Division of the Starbucks Corporation is trying to recover from a major social fault after asking their Irish customers "Are you proud to be British?"
*The International Atomic Energy Commission says talks with Iran concerning that country's attempt of establishing a nuclear program have reached a stalemate at present.
*Civil unrest continues in Syria and Bahraini.
*The Mexican war against drugs continues.

*Famed author Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles).
*Actor turned game host Richard Dawson (Hogan's Heroes, Family Feud, The Running Man).
*Authorities are investigating the shooting death of former Fleetwood Mac band member Bob Welch.

*"I'll Have Another" hopes to be the first horse to win the Triple Crown when it competes in the Belmont Stakes later today. The last horse to win that race, along with the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes was "Affirmed" in 1978.
*Maria Sharapova has won the Women's Singles division of the 2012 French Open in professional tennis.

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The weather is turning warmer and the professional baseball season is well underway.
Listed below alphabetically are all 30 Major League Baseball teams, as they officially appear on scoreboards. Do you know their full names?

01. ARI
02. ATL    
03. BAL
04. BOS
05. CHC
06. CIN
07. CLE
08. COL
09. CWS
10. DET
11. HOU
12. KC
13. LAA
14. LAD
15. MIA
16. MIL
17. MIN
18. NYM
19. NYY
20. OAK
21. PHI
22. PIT
23. SEA
24. SD
25. SF
26. STL
27. TB
28. TEX
29. TOR
30. WSH

We'll reveal all next weekend. But now, let's peek inside THE ANSWERS BOX and discover the results from June 2, 2012's Puzzle Corner!

01. {Groups 2 and 3 only lacked one word to form song titles}
02. {Nights, Breeze} = Summer. "Summer Nights" from the musical Grease! and "Summer Breeze" by Seals and Croft.
03, {Afternoon, Ruby} = Tuesday. "Tuesday Afternoon" by The Moody Blues and "Ruby Tuesday" by the Rolling Stones, which is the official song title despite how many times they actually sang "Goodbye Ruby Tuesday".

King George VI was succeeded to the throne of England by Queen Elizabeth II, who is currently celebrating her Diamond Jubilee (60th anniversary) in the position.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Cover Art by Marc Guerrero


Pro Se Productions, a leader in New Pulp, announces its latest title from Pro Se author Lee Houston, Junior!

From the creator of Hugh Monn, Private Detective comes PROJECT ALPHA!  A tale of cosmic proportions centered on a man with great power suddenly thrust upon him and the fate of two worlds on his shoulders.

“Although we’ve dabbled in this arena a bit with previous works,” Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief and Partner in Pro Se, stated today, “we are extremely pleased to announce our first novel that is squarely set in the Super Hero side of New Pulp!  Not only that, but it has been written by one of Pro Se’s shining stars, Lee Houston, Junior!  This project, most definitely a labor of love and of Comics, especially the Silver Age, is something special to Lee and Pro Se is proud to be able to share this truly awesome work with the world.”

PROJECT ALPHA from Lee Houston, Junior is a prose love letter to the wonder, magic, awe, and power of Silver Age Comics!

 "The once peaceful planet of Shambala is on the verge of extinction. A menace of their own creation now considers himself the high and mighty ruler of all, determined to have the realm of his dreams regardless of the cost to others.
"To correct his mistake, the scientist responsible for the danger seeks to perform the experiment again on another world. But this planet is home to a far more primitive culture than his own.
 "Even if he is successful, can ALPHA save Shambala before it's too late?"

Lee Houston, Junior presents an incredible new hero embarking upon an amazing adventure that will push him to the limits of his newfound abilities and beyond!

Available in print from Amazon at and at!

Coming Soon as an E-book too!

PROJECT ALPHA by Lee Houston, Junior!  Cover by Marc Guerrero and Design and Format by Sean Ali!  New From Pro Se Productions! Puttin' The Monthly Back into Pulp!


Hello Everybody! Autumn the Puppy here.
Now usually every Sunday, we try to bring some humor into your weekend, but once in a while, we must use this opportunity to discuss something a little more important.
Today is one of those occasions.
An astute reader send me the following jpeg.
Just what do you readers think?
At first I thought it was a cute image of a dog trying to get back into its owner's truck. After all, despite being in what appears to be a shopping center parking lot, there is a convenient restroom (the tree in the background) nearby and when you have to go...
Then I looked closer and noticed a couple of things.
1. That is not a dog, but a coyote.
2. That is a STUFFED coyote!
Click the image to enlarge and you'll see what I mean.
The pose, while physically possible, is not natural for a coyote. While that is the "stand on your hind legs and hope for a treat" position some dogs use, coyotes don't beg. They take. Especially the wild ones.
Besides, if the coyote, for whatever reason, was trying to climb into the back of that vehicle, its respective front and back paws would not be uniformly positioned. One of each set would be ahead of its mate trying to find a good toehold to continue climbing.
Now I honestly have no idea of the back story leading into this situation, but can you imagine driving down the road and seeing this in front of you?
Some jokes just don't live up to the adjective "practical".
Jumping out from behind something to surprise someone you haven't seen in a while I can understand.
But to something like this...?

Okay, not every installment of the Sunday Funnies can be a winner, but this is just something I had to get out of my fur and deal with.
If you would like to comment on this or anything else posted on this website, just e-mail us at

Meanwhile, we'll be back next weekend with something hopefully more entertaining than this.
Take care everybody!-AtP.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Amongst the events happening around the world this past week:
*Hosni Mubarak, along with his former interior minister Habib al-Adly, was sentenced to life in prison for failure to prevent the killing of civilian protesters during the uprising that removed Mubarak form the Egyptian Presidency last year after being in office for 30 years.
*Former Liberian President Charles Taylor was sentenced to 50 years in prison for his actions during the Sierra Leone Civil War.
*Professional and amateur astronomers alike will be watching Venus transit in front of the Sun next week, for this will be the last opportunity to witness the phenomenon until 2117!
*The Dragon (commercial) space capsule successfully returned to Earth to complete its maiden voyage to the International Space Station.
*THIS MONTH: Big Ben is to be renamed the Elizabeth Tower in honor of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jublie (60th) anniversary on the throne of England.
*After the Texas Primary Tuesday, Mitt Romney finally won enough delegates to secure the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination.
*Civil unrest continues in Syria and Bahraini.

*Dario Franchitti won the 2012 Indy 500 auto race.
*In their Friday night game against the Saint Louis Cardinals, Johan Santana pitched the first no-hitter in the New York Mets' history of playing professional baseball.

For more news at any time, either scroll down to our IN OTHER NEWS feature at the bottom of your screen or visit any other reputable news source.


Hello Everybody. Another weekend is upon us. And while the weather isn't perfect in some parts of the world right now, that doesn't mean we can't exercise our brains with a few enigmas.

The items within each group have something in common. Do you know what it it?
01. {Group 2, Group 3}
02. {Nights, Breeze}
03. {Afternoon, Ruby}

Who succeeded King George VI to the throne of England?

We'll reveal all next weekend. But for now, let's peek inside THE ANSWERS BOX, and reveal the results from our Memorial Day Quiz last weekend.

01. What was Memorial Day originally known as? Decoration Day.
02. When did the Memorial Day tradition start? In 1868 to honor the Union dead following the Civil War
03. Why was the last Monday in May originally chosen for the observance? Because it was believed to be a day of peace. There were no (major/known) battles fought on that date throughout the course of the Civil War.
04. When did Memorial Day become an official holiday in the United States? Congress enacted the measure in 1968, but the first official Memorial Day wasn't held until 1971.
05. Who was President of the United States at the time? Richard Nixon was in the White House during this time.