Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hello Everybody!
Hoppy Easter!
Bet you can guess who I am. Just call me E.B.
Anyway, now that my work is done for another year, thought I would kick back a spell and share a few jokes with everyone.

What did the chicken say when she laid a square egg?

What do you call a bunch of rabbits marching away?
A receding hare line.

If a rooster climbed to the barn's roof and laid an egg, which way would the egg roll off the roof if the rooster was facing east, the barn faced south, and the wind was blowing from the north?
Nowhere. Roosters don't lay eggs!

Where do rabbits go after they get married?
On their bunnymoon.

What does an evil chicken lay?
Deviled eggs.

Why do rabbits wear their fur short?
Because we'd look silly with long hare.

Why shouldn't you tell too many egg jokes?
Because it might cause someone to crack up!

Who is rabbitdom's favorite boy wizard?
Harey Potter.

Well, I'd like to thank The Free Choice E-zine for inviting me out here today. It was fun.
But now I think I'm gonna go kick back, relax, hang out with my peeps, and take a well deserved carrot break.


The Sunday Funnies will return next weekend. Have a great week!

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