Saturday, April 30, 2011


With the new Royal Couple on their honeymoon and a lot of people still talking about the wedding itself, guess what this weekend's special Puzzle Corner quiz is about?

01. What did the bride to be NOT bring to the Royal Wedding?
02. What is Catherine Middleton's new surname?
03. Where were the Royal Couple married?
04. Where did the Royal Couple first meet?
05. A lot of comparisons were made to the subtle parallels between this wedding and Prince William's parents. What was his mother's maiden name?

We'll reveal all next weekend. But for now, let's open THE ANSWERS BOX and see the results from April 23's Puzzle Corner.

Q. In what film did the song Easter Parade debut?
A lot of people e-mailed the obvious guess of the title film Easter Parade, the 1948 MGM movie starring Judy Garland and Fred Astaire. But the correct answer is Holiday Inn, the 1942 Paramount picture starring Bing Crosby which is more famous for its debut of the song White Christmas.

A LOT of words could be found within the letters of EASTER EGG HUNT! Although the individual words within the search field did not count, the long list includes:
*a, age(s), agent(s), agree(s), ah, an, anger(s), are, argue(s), art(s), as, ass, astute, at, ate
*eager, ear(s), earn(s), Earth, ease, East (remember: Easter did NOT count), eggs (remember: egg did NOT count), enter(s), erase, estate, eaten, eater(s), eat(s)
*gag(s) gang(s), gangster, garnet, gas, gate(s), gauge(s), gear(s), gent(s), geese, gesture, gnu(s), grate(s), great, green(s), greet(s), grunt(s), guest, gust
*hag(s), hang(s), hanger(s), hare(s), has, haste, hat(s), haunt(s), hear(s), hearse, heart(s), heat(s), heater(s), hug(s), hunger(s), hunts (remember: hunt did NOT count), hunter(s), hurt(s), hut(s)
*nag(s), nature(s), near(s), neat, nest, net(s), nut(s), nurse
*ran, rang, range(s), rant(s), rat(s), rate(s), rent(s), rest, rug(s), run(s), rung(s), runt(s), run(s), rut(s)
*sag, sat, sea, sear, seat, see, seen, seer, share, shear, sheen, sheer, sheet, shone, shrug, shun, shunt, shut, snag, sneer, snug, stag, stage, star, stare, start, state, steer, stern, strut, stun, stung, stunt, sugar, surge
*tag(s), taste, taunt(s), tea(s), tear(s), tease, tee(s), teeth, tense, ten(s), tenth(s), tent(s), tern(s), test, that, the, then, these, three(s), treat(s), trust, true, truth(s), tune(s), turn(s)
*unearth(s), unease, ungag(s), ungrate(s), unhang(s), unhurt, unrest, unsnag, untag(s), urge(s), urn(s), usage, use, user, (AND) usher!
More than the 235 words listed above might be possible!

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