Sunday, April 5, 2020



Now, over the past few weeks, besides our usual responsibility of trying to entertain everyone, Waxy Dragon and I have also tried our paws at keeping everybody's spirits up during these troubled times of COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis.

Our past efforts can be found between ♫Under Pressure♫, Cheer Leading, and ♫Smile Darn Ya Smile♫. 😀
Whenever this crisis is over, we'll go back to just our regular entertaining duties, but until then..

Did you know in King Arthur’s time, one of the knights of the Round Table collected taxes?
His name was Sir Charge.
Of course, Sir Cumference⌼ was great at geometry. 😉

What kind of car does an Egg🥚 drive?
A Yokes Wagon.

A physicist and a biologist had a relationship, but alas there was no chemistry so they broke up.

I'm sure many of you are tired of being cooped up indoors.
Have you tried reading?
Two new books have recently been released and are now available online.📚
101 Ways to Fix Blubber by S. Kimo and Fifty Yards to the Outhouse by Willy Makit with a Foreword by Betty Wont.

There's also political satire for those interested.
The comedian on the other side of the link doesn't look a thing like his target, but man the voice impression is so accurate!

And before we part company for today, a quick announcement.
Waxy and I will both be off next Sunday as we have our annual visit from Easter Bunny🐰.
So please hop back then for that hare raising experience.
Try to have at least a good, if not great week everyone and please STAY SAFE!
Until the next Sunday Funnies... AtP.

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