Sunday, March 29, 2020


For those who came in late—Autumn the Puppy and I have taken it upon ourselves to attempt cheering📣 everyone up as this stupid virus crisis continues.
Of course, if necessary, I look much better in a skirt and holding a pair of pom poms than she does. 😉
You can find my and her first efforts at this by clicking the links.

Anyway, while this is absolutely nothing to take lightly, we must keep our spirits up because it's way too easy to be or become depressed in these troubled times.

But it appears that Autumn and I are far from the only ones attempting this.
Neil Diamond got into the act with a new version of ♫Sweet Caroline♫!

Of course, this also brings up the subject of how to talk to your children about all of this, so here's one person's advice on that subject.

But this wouldn't be the Sunday Funnies without some jokes, so...

I am not sure how many cookies🍪 it takes to be happy?
I'm at 37 and still hungry.
Then again, I know I'd never get my full if we were discussing Belgosian Dark Chocolate!🍫

What has 4 wheels and flies?
A garbage truck.

A man opens a bottle🍾 and a genie appears!
The Genie🧞 says, “I shall grant you three wishes.”
The man👨 replies, “I wish a world without lawyers.”
The Genie says, “Done.  You have no more wishes.”
The man complains, “But you said I had three wishes.”
The Genie replies, “So sue me.”

Now then, I have one last video to share with everyone today.
The song is also the title of this week's post, and dates all the way back to the original Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies in the 1930s before being reused in a more modern classic.
It was good advice then and definitely good advice today. So...

Take care everybody!
And please be back online again next time for more Sunday Funnies!wd.

All videos courtesy of YouTube.
The Free Choice E-zine didn't create, post, or own any of them. We're simply sharing to attempt cheering everyone up.

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