Wednesday, October 29, 2008


A lot of people are rejoicing over the fact that gas prices have steadily fallen over the last month.
The national average in the United States for a gallon of gasoline as I post this article is currently about $2.45 a gallon.
Some claim this is because the economy is finally starting to get better. Other critics say that this is just a tactic by the "powers that be" to lull us into a false sense of security in hopes that voters will choose Republican candidates next week, a scheme that susposedly helped to get President Bush reelected in 2004.
Is this true or false? If I knew the answer I would certainly tell you Dear Reader.

Meanwhile, I have received more spam within the last few days than I have over the last month combined, all from concerned "friends" that I have never heard of or even remember having to begin with, all warning me against voting for Barack Obama, let alone any Democrats in general next Tuesday.
Now whether or not this is because I happened to mention my own personal political beliefs during the course of the Free Choice's October 9th article "So Where Do We Editorially Stand" or if my e-address is unfortunately on some mass mailing list, I cannot say.
I can say that I have never seen so much rhetoric, false information, and general pleading since the 2004 Presidential election.
A quick visit to,,, or any of the other national news websites (United Press International, Associated Press, USA Today, etc.) available will set the record straight on any issue you need to find information on.

While the editorial/creative staff has their own personal opinions, the Free Choice e-zine as an Internet entity shall remain neutral in chosing a political side, but once again urges everyone to
REMEMBER: The Presidential election IS next Tuesday, November 4th.
Now more than ever, your vote is important!
Know the issues. Know the candidates and their platforms. Know the facts!

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