Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Democrat Barack Obama met Republican John McCain in the final Presidential debate October 22nd. While pundits say that this was McCain's strongest appearance within the debates, most analysts agree that although once again hardly any new ground was covered, Obama won the debate.

Meanwhile, after being satirized for weeks by Tina Fey, Republican Vice-Presidential running mate Sarah Palin went on NBC's Saturday Night Live October 25th, hoping it would do for her what appearing on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In did for Richard Nixon.

In what has to be the most important announcement yet, former Bush administration Secretary of State Colin Powell official endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for President, citing among other reasons his ability to inspire and be a "transformational figure." Powell was also bothered by all the attempts to link Obama to terrorists and the Muslim religion when the facts do not support those allegations.

As mentioned previously within this e-zine, if you are in doubt of any information, especially with the November election looming on the horizon, there are plently of websites such as http://www.snopes.com/ where you can check out the facts for yourself.

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