Saturday, October 4, 2008


In what unfortunately was the lone Vice-Presidential debate of the 2008 political campaign season, Senator Joe Biden debated Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, Thursday over a wide range of issues.

Palin, the Republican Vice-Presidential running mate to Arizona Senator John McCain, has faced criticism from her actions as both the current governor of Alaska and the former mayor of Wasilla, Alaska; including allegedly being unaware of the Wasilla Police Department charging rape victims’ insurance companies for the cost of rape kits and the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere”.

Biden, the Democratic Vice-Presidential running mate to Illinois Senator Barack Obama, has been a Senator representing Delaware since 1973, and campaigned unsuccessfully for the Presidency himself in 1988 and earlier this year.

While the majority of post debate analysts declared Biden “the winner”, pundits will admit that despite her inexperienced in regards to the national and international scenes, Palin did better during the debate than expected.

Meanwhile, the next Presidential debate between Obama and McCain is scheduled for Tuesday, October 7th, and the national election is Tuesday November 4th.

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