Monday, December 1, 2008


To say that the Internet has advanced both technologically and in popularity over the last decade would be a serious understatement.
A recent development of its increased use is what some business analysts have come to call Cyber Monday. Akin to Black Friday, this is supposed to be the busiest shopping day of the Christmas season for retailers on the world wide web. Whether it is a business that also happens to have a website or strictly an Internet entity like; with just a click of a mouse, consumers can purchase items from the comfort of their PCs without the hassles of crowded stores and hopefully have their merchandise delivered in time for the holidays.
Meanwhile, reactions to this past Black Friday have been mixed. The crowds were definitely out in abundance, and in some cases out of hand, like at the Wal*Mart in New York where a store employee was trampled to death as shoppers rushed in hoping to get bargains. But yet a customer's physical presence within any establishment did not always translate into sales, for reports of the final results for November 28th are mixed.
The Free Choice e-zine will be looking further into the 2008 retail economic scene in a future article.

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