Sunday, December 7, 2008


Would you believe...
There really is a WKRP in Cincinnati?
A low power/small signal independent television station within the city has started using the call letters on air and in advertising to promote their recent transition to digital broadcasting. Although the channel is still officially known as WBQC-CA, the station's corporate owners, Block Broadcasting, have filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission for formal use of the call letters, because WKRP-LP is currently a low power television station operating in Nashville, Tennessee.
Other radio stations have used the call letters off and on throughout their broadcast history. For more information, visit
The classic 1978-1982 sitcom can currently be seen on WGN America Sunday nights and on the American Life Cable Channel Monday nights. It featured an ensemble cast of characters working for the fictitious radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio. According to the show's creator Hugh Wilson, the call letters were supposed to reflect the status of the station (C-R-A-P) before the arrival of new programming director Andy Travis, played by Gary Sandy, who converted the format from easy listening to rock and roll in hopes of boosting listener ratings.
But on television the letters stood for K-A-R-P, because station manager Arthur Carlson, played by Gordon Jump, was the latest relative in the family owned business who loved to fish.
So with that in mind, our resident comedienne Ms. Waxy Dragon has provided us with some fish themed jokes this week.

Two fish are in a tank and one says to the other, “Do you know how to drive this thing?”

Why do some fish swim together? For the halibut on porpoise.

What is a fish's favorite romantic song? Salmon-chanted Evening.

And remember, you can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish!

See you next weekend for more Sunday Funnies.

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