Thursday, January 8, 2009


Within these troubled economic times America (among other countries) faces, the fact that another industry has publicly announced that it is considering appealing to the Federal government for financial assistance (in other words: a bailout) is not surprising.
But which one did is.
Representing the Adult Entertainment industry, "Girls Gone Wild" CEO Joe Francis and "Hustler" founder Larry Flint have said that they will be asking for $5 billion in Federal assistance on behalf of themselves and fellow business associates within that industry. Citing declining revenues because consumers have been too depressed over the other problems they face in the world to spend money on what they offer, Flint and Francis believe that the Federal government should support Adult Entertainment just like the United States should/will support any other American industry despite the "moral outrage" of some non-consumers.

Now that I have managed to report this news item with a straight face without using the "P" word, it's time for some editorial commentary...

Flint and Francis admit that every market where their industry's offerings can be found are down except for Internet activities, which disproves their belief that people are not as interested in their enterprises' commodities as they once were. Just because the medium(s) has changed doesn't mean the consumers aren't still there.
Even if their financial figures are accurate, the Adult Entertainment industry is far from the only business that is experiencing economic problems right now.
I personally believe that while they might not be enjoying the successes of the past, that the Adult Entertainment industry will not cease to exist without government support.
After all, whether officially a part of it or not, there is one aspect of that industry that most do refer to as "the world's oldest profession."

Just one man's opinions folks.
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Lee Houston, Junior
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