Sunday, January 11, 2009


I have two potential topics that could be used as a lead in for this week's installment and am torn between which one would be more appropriate.
On one hand, the BBC in England recently announced that actor Mark Smith would be assuming the role of the title character when David Tennant ends his tenure as everybody's favorite Time Lord on Doctor Who.
On the other, there is a doctor in New York State who has filed for divorce from his wife, but amongst the potential settlement, he is hoping to either be paid $1.5 million dollars or regain possession of the gall bladder that he once donated to save her life!
Whichever lead story you prefer, here is our resident comedienne Ms. Waxy Dragon with some Doctor jokes.

An angry duck with a very large beak walks into a doctor's office and the doctor says to him: "What are you mad about? You ain't seen my bill yet!"

A patient walks into the doctor's office claiming to be a bee. The doctor tells him, "Buzz off. I'm too busy to see you right now."

An emotionally insecure patient complained to her doctor she felt like she was invisible. The doctor asked, "Who said that?"

A patient walked into a doctor's office.
"Ouch!" said the patient, while slowly backing away from the wall.

Considering how good his (mal)practice is going, one would think we were discussing Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush*.
In any event, until next time, have fun everybody!

*Groucho Marx's role in A Day At The Races.

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