Saturday, November 14, 2009


*Preparations are being made in New York to try suspects in the September 11, 2001 terrorists bombings admist concerns of security logistics and judicial issues.
*United States President Barack Obama is currently in Asia taking part in an arms reduction summit as he continues to repair America's global standing after eight years of the previous administration's actions.
*After initial fears that the probe sent to the moon back in October of this year was a failure, scientists have discovered evidence that the lunar surface at least had, if not still might have, leaving NASA officials to ponder arranging another manned mission to our planet's lone satellite.
*The infamous parents of the "Balloon Boy" have pleaded guilty to charges in an arrangement with the courts in hopes of avoiding having the mother deported.
*Black Friday may be the looming upon the horizon as the first official day of the 2009 Christmas season, but retailers everywhere have been extending the concept in hopes of driving up sales revenue.
*The 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall was observed on Monday.
*The start to the 40th season of the PBS favorite Sesame Street on Tuesday.
*November 10th also marked the 234th anniversary of what is now the United States Marine Corps, first formed to defend the shores of the thirteen original colonies.
Semper Fi! to all members, past and present.
*Veterans' Day was Wednesday.
*The 2009 Country Music Association awards were handed out Wednesday night. Amongst the winners were Taylor Smith for both Entertainer and Female Vocalist of the Year, Brad Pasley as Male Vocalist of the Year (and both winners co-hosted the event!), and Lady Antebellum as Vocal Group of the Year.
*For those interested, although the CW Network might have been the first by canceling The Beautiful Life just a couple of weeks after it debuted, other networks have since followed suit. The axe has fallen upon Hank and Eastwick at ABC, although it promises the remaining episodes of the drama based upon the movie The Witches of Eastwick will air between December and January. FOX has sadly canceled Dollhouse, although promises to air the remaining episodes. NBC has canceled Trauma and Southland, although TNT has picked up the police drama and will begin airing it from episode 1 to the present starting in January 2010.

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