Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hello all you lucky people! You have both Autumn the Puppy AND Waxy Dragon here because since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, we are here to talk about love.

Autumn: I'm thinking we should start by reviewing some of the famous lovers of the past.
Waxy: I'm thinking we should just tell romantic jokes.
Autumn: How can a joke be romantic?
Waxy: Like this. What happened when the two vampires met?
Autumn: I don't know. What?
Waxy: It was love at first bite.
Autumn: Okay. My turn. What do you think of Romeo?
Waxy: As in Romeo and Juliette?
Autumn: Yes.
Waxy: Well, there is no doubt that they truly loved each other, but I just HATE the ending.
Autumn: Agreed.
Waxy: Okay. I've got one. What about Mike Brady?
Autumn: Who?
Waxy: The father on The Brady Bunch. A widower with three sons who married a widow with three daughters.
Autumn: He must have loved the woman very much to do so. But considering when that show was originally made, it was definitely ahead of its time discussing the subject of blended families.
Waxy: Do you have to be so smarty sounding all the time? It's like talking to a book.
Autumn: Well, Velma Dinkley is one of my idols.
Waxy: I would of thought you more of a Scooby-Doo fan.
Autumn: While I'm a big fan of all the dog stars, I do crush more on Snoopy from Peanuts. Now there's a beagle who can do it all.
Waxy: Oh... Kay. Moving right along. What happened when the two bed bugs fell in love?
Autumn: I don't know. What?
Waxy: They were married in the Spring.
Autumn: I get it. What do you think our chances are finding love are?
Waxy: Maybe someday when we're older. After all, to the humans we're just kids.
Autumn: While it would be nice, I'm not holding my breath on ever becoming Mrs. Snoopy.
Waxy: I might have to hold my breath if my crush ever became reality.
Autumn: Oh yeah? Who do you have a romantic crush on?
Waxy: Promise not to laugh if I tell you.
Autumn: Yeah. Who?
Waxy: Pepe Le Pew.
Autumn: The French skunk?
Waxy: Yeah. That accent is just dreamy.
Autumn: Well, I will agree with you about that, but...
Waxy: But what?
Autumn: What about the smell?
Waxy: Hey, I eat over ripe road kill at times and you dig in garbage and sniff other things.
Autumn: Well, I AM a dog.
Waxy: I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.
Autumn: Agreed.

Well, that's all the time and space we have today. Be kind to your loved ones, especially tomorrow, have a great week, and be back here next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!

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