Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The genre had its heyday between the 1930s and the end of World War 2, when the likes of The Shadow, Doc Savage, and other adventures roamed the pages of magazines that only cost one thin dime, in a time when times were tough and readers were looking for escapist literature.
Today, pulp is making a serious comeback in such places as the Indiana Jones series of movies, the return of many of its original stars in new adventures, and a brand new characters and books carrying on the grand tradition.
Pro Se Press is just one of the many publishers producing NEW PULP for today's readers.

Amongst the company's recent releases are The Rook: Volume 6 by Barry Reese and Yesteryear by company co-founder Tommy Hancock.

Future volumes will include Fortune's Pawn by Nancy A. Hansen; Creeping Dawn: The Rise of the Black Centipede by Chuck Miller, and my first contribution to the genre: Hugh Monn, Private Detective.

For more information about these, as well as other pulp releases and news, you can visit any of the following websites:
http://www.allpulp.blogspot.com or

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