Saturday, June 16, 2012


Tomorrow is FATHER'S DAY within the United States of America.

Amongst events happening around the world this past week:
*President Barack Obama has announced some changes to the Immigration rules concerning minors entering the country. While many immigrants look forward to the chance to become more productive and official American citizens, Republican pundits are criticizing the measure as a reward for sneaking into this country illegally in the first place.
*Although they have yet to officially hold their convention, the Republican Party has already spent several million US dollars on attack ads against Democratic contestants across the country, especially incumbent President Barack Obama.
*Sadly, civil unrest continues in Syria, Bahraini, and Afghanistan.
*The cash amount of the Nobel Prizes is being reduced by 20% in hopes of preserving the longevity of its operating fund.
*China successfully launched the Shenzhou 9 rocket carrying two male and one female astronaut to its Tiangong 1 module in Earth orbit.
*Coca-Cola Enterprises has reestablished operations in Myanmar after 60 years, leaving North Korea and Cuba the only countries the soft drink empire does not have a presence.

*Amongst the 2012 Tony Award (Broadway Stage) winners were Clybourne Park for Best Play and Once for Best Musical.
*HBO has issued formal apologies to anyone offended by a fake head on a pike that allegedly resembled former US President George W. Bush on a recent episode of Game of Thrones.

*Shanshan Feng won the 2012 Ladies Professional Golf Championship.
*Rafael Nadal won the Men's Singles in the 2012 French Open of tennis.
*The United States Anti-doping Agency has leveled charges against seven time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.
*"Union Rags" won the winner of the 2012 Belmont Stakes horse race. "I'll Have Another" was removed from the competition prior to the event, preventing the horse from being the first Triple Crown winner since "Affirmed" in 1978.

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