Sunday, February 3, 2019


Hello Everybody! Autumn the Puppy here!
Once again, the concluding game to another football🏈 season is upon us and once again, I'm just scratching my ears still trying to figure it all out.

Two sides fight over a "pig skin" for about an hour—not counting time outs and endless commercials—while women in skimpy outfits work up the onlooking crowd present in the stadium into an even greater frenzy than they might already be, and they don't even eat the darn thing afterwards!

First off, I've tried football before. They taste terrible!
What makes you folks call it a "pig skin"🐷 to begin with? It certainly doesn't taste like ham or bacon to me.

And that odd shape. It might be good enough to throw or kick, but it certainly don't bounce very well.

The name of the game I don't get either. There's no bowl of any size involved that I've ever seen, except the ones my people pass around full of food while they're watching the TV coverage.
I certainly don't get any of their goodies either!
I'm lucky enough if one of them remembers to feed me dinner during half time. Otherwise, it's always "Oops! Forgot to feed the dog." AFTER the game ends! 😳

I certainly could go on for quite awhile about this.
Shall I with the Quarterback?
Is that all the money the poor guy has? Twenty-five cents?
And why does he always yell "Hike" before putting the football into play?
Is he expecting his team to go on some long march?
And some of those other position names...

Well, it’s clear to me that this puppy certainly doesn’t understand the game of football.🏈
But before I go, let’s enjoy the thoughts of someone else who never quite comprehended the game either as we share our annual presentation of Andy Griffith’s “What It Was, Was Football”, accompanied with the illustrations from the Mad magazine adaptation by George Woodbridge, courtesy of YouTube. (And remember, we didn't create the video or the material within, we're only sharing it with our fans.)

Have a great week everybody. and please be back here again next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!—Atp.

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