Sunday, December 11, 2022


Hello Everybody! Koda Canine here!

Like my new Dog Sweater? It's definitely a necessary for the well prepared canine with winter upon us. I hope everyone is taking care of their Furry Friends too.
Now that I've got the Public Service Announcement out of the way, with the Holiday Travel Season approaching, it's time for some appropriately themed jokes. Your mileage may vary.

Sometimes I wonder if “air traffic control” is just a game with no rules that nobody knows how to play, but the goal always seems to be keeping flights from arriving in time for passengers to make connecting flights.

If all the automobiles in this country were pink, would that make us a pink car nation?

I knew of an airline that was so bad at losing your luggage that they hung mistletoe over the baggage check-in area so you could kiss your luggage goodbye.

If everyone has such trouble folding up a road map after they've used it, how do the publishers ever manage to fold them to begin with?

There once was a fashion designer who refused to fly because he thought the airline vehicles were too plain.🛫

If a spider🕷 owned a car would he take it out for a spin?

Did you hear about the inexperienced pilot who wanted to go to flight school? If he ever finds the airport…

WHY do they call it rush hour when nothing moves that fast on the freeway?

If everyone this time of year is singing ♫There's no place like home for the holidays♫, why go traveling to begin with?

So on that note♫ take care.
Have a great week and please be back next weekend when Piper D. Katt and I host our annual Sunday Funnies Christmas Party!—KC.

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