Sunday, February 25, 2024


Hello Everybody! Koda Canine here!
As you can see, I'm just kicking back and relaxing on a lazy Sunday afternoon, as long as none of my people know that I'm actually on the couch. But I should be good for the moment since they're all either upstairs or away while I tell some jokes. Ready?

How come in fairy tales, women are always kissing frogs🐸 looking for a prince in disguise?
Why not a fish?🐟
Or a dog?🐢
Or even a dragon?🐲
And regardless of what they kiss, even if it does turn into a handsome prince, are they sure they have the catch of the day?

How do you catch a unique rabbit?🐰
Unique up on it. 
How do you catch a tame rabbit?πŸ‡
The tame way.

Did you hear about the little kid who took his crayons to the doctor's office?
His parents told him they wanted to draw some blood.

Has anyone read How To Make The Most Out Of Your Basement?
I hear it's a best cellar.

What do you call fake potatoes?πŸ₯”πŸ₯”

I watched a documentary on clocks.πŸ•πŸ•‘πŸ•’
It was about time.

If you hear weird noises in the night, simply make weirder noises to assert dominance over whatever might be out there.
After all, why do you think sometimes cats meow and dogs bark when everyone else is asleep?

Don’t bother those working intently on a puzzle or you’ll hear some crosswords.

When you think about how huge the Earth🌎 is, and how the Earth is just a tiny ball orbiting the Sun🌞 which is, in turn, a minuscule speck in the universe... it is pretty easy for me to rationalize eating my entire bowl of dog food and asking for more.

Oops! I hear someone coming down the stairs so I better get off the couch now before they see me but remember: whatever life throws at you, DUCK!
Let it hit someone else.
So on that note♫, have a good week. Take care.
And please be back next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!KC.

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