Sunday, July 7, 2024


 Hello Everybody! Piper D. Katt here!
I don't know about things where you are, but it is so hot here, my people are putting ice cubes🧊🧊 in their waterbed!
This is one feline who is staying inside her people's house today to maintain her cool cat reputation, figuratively and literally!

Anyway, to continue this week's theme: IT IS SO HOT...

Eskimos are installing air conditioning units in their igloos!

I hear some people have cranked up the setting on their ACs to “Bankruptcy.”

Birds are moving in with the worms to stay cool.

The garlic🧄 in the garden took off its cloves.

Cows🐄🐮 are giving evaporated milk.

Chickens🐔🐔 are laying hard-boiled eggs.🥚🥚

Like my new lawn?
Polar bears and all the other Arctic animals are wearing sunscreen.

Bread🍞 is already toasted when you take it out of the wrapper!

Squirrels are picking nuts up off the ground with pot holders.

Alexa asked for a drink of water!

Optimus Prime turned into an air conditioner.

The current reading on the thermometer🌡 is "Don't ask."

The corn popped🍿 while still on the cob.

We stopped telling "It is so hot..." jokes!
So on that note♫, take care.
Have a great week and please be back next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!PDK.

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