Saturday, April 18, 2009


A very busy week in the news. With some of the highlights being:
*United States Navy Seals rescued Captain Richard Phillips from Somalian Pirates, who now vow revenge against the U.S.
*The 2009 Tax season has come and gone for most Americans, although some protested this decades long tradition at their state capitals. But while a lot of the protesters were Republicans who kept pointing to the current national deficit and "wasted funds", most did not mention that the majority of that debt occurred under the Republican Presidency of George W. Bush.
*Meanwhile President Barack Obama took a foreign diplomatic trip to Mexico, but the biggest White House news seemed to be the arrival of Bo, the Obama family's new six month old Portuguese Water Dog.
*In Sports, Angel Cabrera bested Kenny Perry and Chad Campbell in a playoff to win the U.S. Masters golf tournament while long time football announcer John Madden has decided to retire.
*This past week saw the passing of former Major League Baseball pitcher Mark "The Bird" Fldrych, actress Marilyn Chambers, and long time Philadelphia Phillie's' announcer Harry Kales.
*Some this past week also celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game (more in this week's Puzzle Corner), while tomorrow's Sunday Funnies feature will go into more detail on the 25th anniversary of the Rose Is Rose comic strip and the 20th anniversary of Dilbert.
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