Saturday, April 4, 2009


*President Obama is meeting with other world leaders in Europe as part of the G-20 summit. It is the new United States President's first trip abroad while in office, and some say the first time the United States has been shown any respect in the foreign theatre since at least 2001.
*Unfortunately there are more employee layoffs and business closures projected on the horizon as results for the third quarter of 2008 are confirmed and the initial reports for the final quarter of the business year are announced.
*A solution to the Conficker Virus still eludes computer technicians. While the alleged massive activation scheduled for April 1st has not happened (yet?), computer experts around the world are taking the threat of this new virus very seriously; for not only are there confirmed victims world wide whose systems have been exposed to the virus, but that the virus itself is not self contained within any one system. Whoever designed this program has programmed it to lie dormant until it receives instructions from an outside source. But while its function and purpose(s) remain unknown at this time, if you can still access and operate your computer's software and anti-virus update systems, then your computer is clear of the virus at the present time.
*The NCAA College Basketball tournaments are down to their Final Four. By Tuesday morning sports fans will know who the Mens and Womens champions for 2009 are.
*Baseball fans await the start of the 2009 season on Monday. But while preseason games have now been played in the new ballparks for both New York teams, most fans polled say that the National League Mets have the better stadium, which is a surprise to some considering the team spent barely a fraction of what their cross town rival Yankees spent on their new facility.
*The beloved television program Quantum Leap recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. While former star Scott Bakula thanked fans for their past and continued support of the show at a recent convention, he is unsure when or if a proposed Quantum Leap movie will ever be made. Bakula is scheduled to start a three episode guest appearance in Chuck this Monday on NBC.
*And if he was still with us, the 2009 Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner for his role in Batman: The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger would have been 30 years old today.
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