Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hello Everyone. Fall seems to be settling in, so let's stay warm with a couple of enigmas.

Can you complete the lyric from the 1979 hit Della and The Dealer?
"The dealer had a knife, the dog had a gun, and the cat had..." what?

The following groups have something in common, do you know what it is?
01. (Joy To The World, Greenback Dollar)
02. (This week's Puzzle Corner)

Personally, I think I'm being a little easy on everyone if you sing with me and find the key; but all will be revealed next weekend. For now, let's peek into THE ANSWERS BOX and find out who's who from our HALLOWEEN QUIZ last weekend's Puzzle Corner.

01. His biggest fan always expects him on Halloween night, but has yet to see him.
H.) The Great Pumpkin of Peanuts fame. Poor Linus.
02. He never drinks 'vine'.
F.) Dracula, quoting a classic line from the original movie with Bela Lugosi.
03. Despite his appearance, he's friendly.
C.) Casper, the friendly ghost.
04. One has to wonder just how well he can play hockey.
L.) Jason, from the Friday the 13th horror movie franchise.
05. A multi-faceted being.
G.) The Frankenstein Monster, which is the correct name for the creature.
06. Every monster is hoping she doesn't have stake for dinner.
B.) Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.
07. A human named after him loved music.
Q.) The Wolfman, and a nod to pioneering Rock and Roll DJ Wolfman Jack.
08. Despite the broom, she doesn't do housework.
O.) Witch, with a hint to her alleged transportation.
09. Despite the name, he's not vampiric.
A.) Batman, the DC Comics' super-hero.
10. He may love Christmas, but Halloween is his night!
I.) The Grinch, and a hint to his Doctor Seuss stories: How The Grinch Stole Christmas and Halloween is Grinch Night!
11. He tried to steal Christmas too.
K.) Jack Skellington, in The Nightmare Before Christmas.
12. Everyone allegedly goes to him for advice, but he's never had his own talk show.
P.) The Witch Doctor, based on a line from the David Seville (aka Ross Bagdasarian) song.
13. No one would know he's there, even in a crowded room.
J.) The Invisible Man
14. This monster might be all wet and a social wallflower at parties.
E.)Creature from the Black Lagoon.
15. Always wants to play rap music.
M.) The Mummy.
16. The Tally Man.
D.) Count Von Count, from Sesame Street.

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