Thursday, November 11, 2010


Once known as Armistice Day, today is the day the United States of America has set aside to pause and honor those within the various branches of our military, both past and present, who have served during times of war and periods of peace.
They are members of the Army, Air Force, and Navy. The Marine Corps who celebrated their 235th anniversary yesterday. The National Guard and Coast Guards, etc.
But there are more than the ones who serve America.
Those within England, France, Spain, South America, and so many more countries than I have the room to list here, who have done their duty for both their respective countries and the world.
If you have the opportunity to do so, thank a veteran, whether they are currently active in the service or not.
Thank them for the freedoms and liberty you enjoy today, and the ones your children and future generations will enjoy tomorrow.

A public service message of The Free Choice E-zine.

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