Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Okay, I freely admit that it's shameless plug time once again.
The second issue of Pro Se Productions' Masked Gun Mystery is now available at both the company's own website (http://www.proseproductions.com/) or the printer's (http://www.lulu.com/).

Look at that great cover by noted comic book artist Norm Breyfogle!

And inside are more pulse pounding pulp style detective, crime fiction, and noir stories than you can shake a stick at!

*"The Compassion Play", An Aloha McCoy Story by Ken Janssens
*"Clean Up in Aisle Six" by Aaron Smith
*"The Scarlet Courtesan of Sovereign City" by Derrick Ferguson
*"Staying Dead", a Tale of Virgil by C. William Russette
*"The Gray Ghost and the Lighthouse Murders" by Bill Craig
*"Imprints" by Joshua Allen
*"Crime of the Arts: Part 2," by Erwin K. Roberts (Robert E. Kennedy)
*"On The Edge of A Hero", the debut of The Rapier by Don Thomas
*The latest chapter asking "What Is The Fate of Gary Wooten?" by Fuller Bumpers and John Palmer IV
*This issue also previews: "The Rook, volume 6 - The Scorched God" by Masked Gun Mystery's editor Barry Reese, AND
*"Shortages", the latest Hugh Monn, Private Detective mystery by yours truly.

Hope you like everyone's hard work on this issue and all Pro Se Productions.

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