Thursday, November 25, 2010


An Editorial.

The Friday after Thanksgiving each year is the start of the Christmas shopping season. Many years past, there was no such thing as "Black Friday", so named because a lot of stores open so early that the sun has not even begun to rise in the East.
I can even remember a time when THE earliest a store ever opened was 7 am. Now one chain is scheduled to open at 10pm Thanksgiving night. Establishments that already do business around the clock are scheduled to begin their sales at midnight Friday morning;with the earliest I personally have heard of any other retail establishment opening for business being THREE AM Friday morning!
Folks, I don't know about you, but I seriously thing this concept is getting a bit out of hand!

In any event, to those either brave or foolish enough to go out before the sunrise, I wish you a safe journey.
To those whose employers have them work on this Black Friday, you have my sympathy.
To those establishments who hope to cash in on this event, I wish you well, but still think there has to be a better way to earn an honest living.

And as for myself, I will be nestled all snug in my bed while everyone hunts bargains and the unknowns in the night they do dread.

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