Saturday, November 27, 2010


Amongst events happening around the globe this past week:

*Tom DeLay, former Republican House of Representatives Majority Leader, was convicted this past week of money laundering and conspiracy to launder money, but plans to appeal the court decision.
*The World is keeping an eye on North Korea. First they unveiled a new uranium enrichment facility. Then a military "exercise" resulted in firing live missiles at South Korea's inhabited Yeonpyeong Island, killing at least two civilians. South Korea has since suspended humanitarian flood aid to North Korea while beefing up its border patrols, and the United States Navy has moved ships into the area for a previously scheduled exercise with the South Korean Navy.
*Quantas Airlines is returning its fleet of Airbus A380 planes to service after declaring them safe. The fleet was previously pulled from use after an accident involving one of the planes.
*Prince William and Kate Middleton are scheduled to tie the knot Friday April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey.

*The King Features Syndicate (Bettle Bailey, Dennis the Menace, Mutts, Zits, Popeye, Blondie, etc.) celebrated its 95th anniversary this month.
*Since their long awaited debut on ITunes just this past week, the Beatles' Hey Jude has become the most downloaded track from their library.
*After the successful movement to get Betty White a shot at hosting Saturday Night Live!, a gig for which she won an Emmy this year, there are now (separate) groups actively seeking similar opportunities for legendary comedian Carol Burnett (which I completely understand and support) and the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

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