Saturday, March 3, 2012


Another weekend is upon us, and while the weather might not be nice everywhere, the puzzles are!

Two different things, sharing at least one common word, can be combined to create a new item.
Can you name the new item from the clue below?

An aquatic musical instrument.

01. First, take an ocean.
02. Now, add a drink to create something everyone takes at least once a day.
HINT: The new word is NOT as long as you might think!

We'll reveal all next weekend. But for now, let's open the envelopes within THE ANSWERS BOX and discover the results of our Annual Oscar Quiz from last weekend.

01. Although Peter O'Toole was nominated EIGHT times, he never won a Best Actor award!
02. What year was the very first Academy Awards ceremony held? 1929, celebrating the films of 1928.
03. Wings won Best Picture that year.
04. What three awards from that very first ceremony have NOT been presented since?
Best Engineering Effects, Best Title Writing (for the silent movies), and Best Unique and Artistic Quality of Production.
05. What was the very first musical to win the award for Best Picture? Broadway Melody in 1930.
06. Do you remember what movie won the award for Best Picture last year (2011)? The King's Speech.
07. 1960 was the first televised Academy Awards ceremony. But for whatever reason(s), telecasts were sporadic until 1973. They have been an annual event ever since.
08. Ben Hur won Best Picture during that first broadcast.

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