Saturday, March 17, 2012


Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
The Girl Scouts of America celebrate their 100th anniversary this month.
March has been declared Women's History month.

Amongst events that have happened around the world this week...
*Despite the controversy raised by Rush Limbaugh's comments and personal attacks, Sandra Fluke vows she will NOT be silenced on advocating women's health and contraceptive issues.
*Civil unrest continues in Syria and Afghanistan.
*The Encyclopedia Britannica will now be available ONLY online, ending a 244 year print run.

*The Republican Party's image problems grow worse as a new bumper sticker urging voters not to reelect incumbent United States President Barack Obama comes under fire for using the catch phrase "Don't Re-N*g!" (Astute readers can guess the missing vowel that the * replaces, but since this is a family e-zine..). If that wasn't bad enough, the fine print underneath reads "Stop repeat offenders! DON'T reelect Obama!" The Yahoo! News report goes on to state it is uncertain whether or not the GOP is directly responsible for the offensive bumper sticker or if the company producing them is working independently in the mistaken belief that the bumper sticker will do the Republicans any good.
*With primary victories in Kansas, Alabama, and Mississippi this past week, Rick Santorum has pulled slightly ahead of Mitt Romney for first place in hopes of becoming the Republican candidate to run again President Obama in November. But the field is still tight with no clear winner as Newt Gingrich holds strong to third place with Ron Paul fourth. Some pundits suspect Paul to drop out before the end of the month, but that will not improve the GOP's situation by much.

*The NCAA college basketball tournament also known as March Madness is well underway. Thursday and Friday's competitions saw the Men and Women's divisions reduced from 64 to 32 teams. By the conclusion of Sunday's games, the field will be reduced to 16.
*Dallas Seavey commanded the winning sled in the 2012 Iditarod Dog Sled Race.

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