Monday, April 28, 2014


Cover art by Kathryn Frizzell
We here at The Free Choice E-zine are proud to announce that our esteemed Editor-In-Chief has recently had a new short story published!

What if a real life, historical person from the wild, wild west met a fairy tale character?

The answer to that question is ONCE UPON A SIXGUN, the latest anthology release from Pro Se Press.

Within its pages, you will discover "Allan Pinkerton and The Problem At Gruff Springs" by Nikki Nelson-Hicks, while Mark Gelineau and Joseph King team up to offer Bluebeard "A Little Southern Hospitality".

But the lead story is "Wolf Hunt", where Sheriff William 'Bat' Masterson meets Little Red Riding Hood to take on wolves of both the four and two legged variety!

"Until I got the galley PDF to proofread my submission before publication, I had absolutely no idea my story would appear in that covet position," admitted Lee. "To say I am both honored and surprised are serious understatements."

Us TFCE staffers are proud of our boss too, although we had to take a good long look at the beautiful cover by Kathryn Frizzell before we figured out that Lee's story did not get the cover too. If you look to the wolf's left, you will see three "little" pigs about to witness the showdown, and there are no swine in his tale.

"This is a great anthology and I'm sure the other contributors had as much fun writing their tales as I did mine," added Lee.

ONCE UPON A SIXGUN is available in both print and e-formats from Pro Se Press via Amazon dot com.

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