Sunday, December 28, 2014


Hello Folks. The Free Choice E-zine's Editor-In-Chief Lee Houston, Junior here because the ladies have the holiday weekend off.
Hope every one of you had a great time. Autumn and Waxy are worried that I might not be able to produce a good column. I just looked at them and asked "What could go wrong?"
They just rolled their collective eyes and left to be with their families, as I realized I now had a theme for this post.

At first I thought the picture on the left was crooked, until I realized that grey spot on the bottom was part of the floor and not the ceiling.
Guess they needed more light in that corner, but couldn't decide upon the proper light fixture for that area.

I don't know if the person typing up the closed captions was rushed or just lazy that day, but take a closer look at what's written in blue below.
Okay, at least one of the signs on the red door below has to be wrong, but it isn't just a question of whether you're supposed to go in or out.
If you look more closely, you'll also see that there is a little "push" sign on the door, along with a handicap level bar to help PULL it open!

Another sign of poor planning on the right. Just WHO is supposed to enjoy the balconies?

I know some places are getting a lot tougher on crime than they used to, but I think either the caption with the image below is correct, or punishment is getting just a little too severe...

And for those doing their own laundry, does clothing come with secret decoder rings now?

I read that tag several times and have absolutely no idea how to treat the garment!

Typos are an everyday occurrence in life, but is there a formal term for when the wrong image is involved?
And finally, I'm just glad the architect responsible for the error in the image above didn't design my house!

Well, unfortunately that's all the time and space I have for this weekend.
Please party responsibly this New Year's Eve, because we like having you as part of our readership and join us again on January 4, 2015 as we begin a whole new year of Sunday Funnies!--lh,jr.

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