Saturday, August 19, 2017


*A van was driven into a crowd of innocent people August 17, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. 12 were killed and more injured. ISIL has since claimed responsibility for the event. A second vehicle was allegedly supposed to make another attack, but it was stopped by authorities. (There are 2 separate links in this item.)
*Depending upon where you are, a total solar eclipse will occur August 21.
*Also on August 21, Big Ben in London will fall silent as a repair/maintenance project begins. Expected completion is in 2021.
*Air Berlin has filed for bankruptcy protection.
*Is the Chilesaurus the missing dinosaur link???

*The Free Choice E-zine does not support terrorism, no matter what the “cause” or alleged “justification”. Thus we will only be posting news items in this section whenever terrorists are brought to justice.

*The innocent life lost during the car assault and those who passed away in the helicopter crash (not connected to the protests) in Charlottesville, Virginia.
*The innocent lives lost during the car assault in Barcelona, Spain.
*Actor Joseph Bologna (My Favorite Year, Blame It On Rio) has taken his last bow on life’s stage.
*TV writer/producer Victor Pemberton (Doctor Who, Fraggle Rock) has passed away.
*Actor Sonny Landham (the first Predator movie, the first 48 Hours movie) has taken his last bow on life's stage.

*A state of emergency was declared by Virginia’s governor when serious fighting broke out over a statue of Civil War soldier Robert E. Lee. One person died when a car was intentionally driven into a crowd and those aboard a police helicopter passed away when it crashed, although the cause of the crash is not believed to be a result of any of the actual protests. (There are 3 separate links in this item.)

*After several Tweets and an address condemning “those involved” but not calling out the white supremacist groups specifically, but instead those who stood up against themPresident Trump has complained about the media attacking him once more. (There are 4 separate links in this item.)
*Days later, Trump finally included everybody, a move which many questioned the delay over. He has since started trying to put a new spin on events. Trump has called out the “alt-left” for their role in Charlottesville, indicating to many that he does support the “alt-right”. (There are 3 separate links in this item.)
*Some Internet providers have suspended services to "alt-right" hate groups. The services were previously maintained as a gray area of the First Amendment of the Constitution, guaranteeing every citizen the right to free speech. A rally at Texas A&M University scheduled for September because of the First Amendment issue has since been canceled by the school administrators too. (There are 2 separate links in this item.)
*A Confederate themed statute in North Carolina has since been torn down by protesters there, although it wasn’t originally scheduled for destruction. But who vandalized a Holocaust memorial in Boston??? (There are 2 separate links in this item.)
*Several more businessmen have resigned from Donald Trump’s American Manufacturing Council because of Trump’s hesitancy in condemning the white supremacists involved. This has since led President Trump to either cancel or outright end his Presidential Advisory Council on Infrastructure, the Strategic and Policy Forum and the American Manufacturing Council. (There are 4 separate links in this item.)
*The debate over Civil War monuments: historical archives or embarrassment??? (There are 2 separate links in this item.)
*In the end, Trump and Charlottesville: pass or fail??? Here’s another opinion. (There are 2 separate links in this item.)
*Given recent events in Charlottesville, will President Trump fire Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and others??? Trump originally said “we’ll see” in regards to Bannon, but Bannon has since resigned, although fears for Trump's presidency, and has vowed to "continue fighting" for the President by returning to "Breitbart News". (There are 6 separate links in this item.)
*In light of recent events, Carl Icahn has since stepped down as President Trump's special adviser, and the entire membership of Trump's President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities, with a special message to Trump within their letter. Read the first letter of each paragraph to discover what it is. (There are 3 separate links in this item.)
*Despite President Trump’s opinions on the subject, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has other thoughts about transgender soldiers in the military.
*Don't bother looking for Donald and Ivanka Trump at the 2017 Kennedy Center Honors ceremony.
*When they return to work in September, what do President Trump and Congress plan to do about taxes???
*Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell probably isn’t happy with how things are going in Alabama right now.
*Do “blue collar workers” want to stay “blue collar workers”???
*Justin Thomas won the 2017 Professional Golf Association tournament.
*Test results reveal that professional golfer Tiger Woods wasn’t “clean and sober” at the time of his DUI arrest back in May 2017.

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