Sunday, January 7, 2018


Hello Everybody!
Despite the recent blizzard, Autumn the Puppy here with the first Sunday Funnies for 2018!

Now, last weekend was the changeover from 2017. There are a few out there who seriously think that New Year's Day might just be a holiday created by the calendar companies who don't want you reusing last year's calendar.
Think about it. Except for Leap Years, all you have to do is move every date one space to the right on the previous year's calendar.
Then again, the holidays would need adjusting too, especially the ones that don't fall on a specific date each year; so maybe that theory should go the way of the dodo bird.

Anyway, since a lot of people think New Year's is a life changing event, one thing most of them do is make New Year's Resolutions, which are promises they make about how they're going to improve things either personally and/or professionally.

Of course, a lot of those promises don't even make it through the first week of the new year, but the fact is that they tried, so that should count for something.

For example: all those people who say they are going to get in shape who later give up and claim they're already in shape.
After all, round is a shape, more or less.

Anyway, the point is that a New Year's Resolution is usually something that goes in one year and out the other.

Then again, there are some people who claim their New Year's Resolution is to stop hanging out with people who ask them about their New Year's Resolutions.
The way I see it, if you keep your resolutions to yourself, then there is not only no exterior pressure to maintain them, there is also no exterior criticism if you fail to do so.

Of course, an egotist would claim their New Year's Resolution is to be less awesome (if that was at all possible for them) since that is really the only thing they (allegedly) do in excess.

Others hope their lot in life improves, like saying "Dear Luck, .....can we be friends in 2018. Please?"
OR: "All I want for 2018 is a FAT bank account and a THIN body. Please don't mix it up like you did last year."

My New Year's Resolution is to be more optimistic by looking at my food dish as half-full, at least
until I finish eating.
But seriously, what I really want to accomplish this year is to rediscover the difference between wants and needs. May I have all I need and want only what I have.

In 2018, may your neighbors respect you, troubles neglect you, angels protect you, and heaven accept you.
May all your troubles last as long as your New Year resolutions.
Keep the smile, leave the tear. Hold the laugh, leave the pain. Think of joy, forget the fear.
Be joyous, cause its a New Year.

Of course, if none of the above helps, remember that you can attempt to reset your resolutions on January 14th (Orthodox New Year) and February 16th (Chinese New Year).
After that, you're on your own.

In any event, take care, have a good week, and please be back here again next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!—AtP.

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