Sunday, May 20, 2018


Hello Everybody! Autumn the Puppy here.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love being a dog.
But sometimes I wish I had been born an Airedale instead of a Golden Retriever, because then I could fly every once in a while.
I mean, I do have a Dog License and the rest of my tags, but the people I live with still won't let me drive the car.
Just because my paws can't reach the pedals...

Anyway, I lay in front of my dog house on the good weather days and watch the birds (and a certain draconian co-host of this column) and wonder what it must be like to fly.
If I ever do find out, I hope I don't get air sick, but in the meantime, how about some flight jokes?
NOT the Joss Whedon series

What did the firefly say to the other firefly?
If you got the glow, you have to go.

How do birds stop in mid air?
They use air brakes.

Did the Wright Brothers truly invent the airplane or just a new way to lose your luggage on a long trip?

Bookworm, not actual size
Why do birds hang around libraries?
To catch the bookworms.

When your pet bird sees you reading the newspaper, does it wonder why you are staring at his carpeting?

Why do owls only come out at night?
They don't give a hoot about catching a tan.

Well, they say time flies when you're having fun, but then again I have no control over my space allotment, which means its time to end this installment of The Sunday Funnies!
Take care and have a great week everybody!—AtP.

Before I go, the following video is courtesy of YouTube and, as far as I know, is okay to post.

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