Sunday, October 7, 2018


Hello Everybody! Autumn the Puppy here.
Now, for those who haven't figured it out yet. I'm a dog.
I don't mean that in any negative way; just that I happen to have four legs, a tail, fur, etc.
But what does it mean to be canine?
Glad you asked!

I sniff interesting spots.
Granted, dogs and people have vastly different versions of what we might find interesting, but you're free to smell whatever you want to.

I will honor your complaint that "My arm is tired" after you've thrown the ball 20 times.
But please honor me by not faking a throw because you think you're smarter than me, and don't even think about trying to play fetch with a boomerang!

I will drop whatever I'm doing and go out as soon as I'm asked to.
Just don't forget that I might need my harness and leash on before you open the door.

I will get rid of those cats.
Now this doesn't mean they're soon be joining the heavenly choir, but if a window happens to be left open and they decide to leave...

I love going for car rides.
The thrill of the wind rushing through your fur while the car is in motion, let alone all those new scents while traveling to places I've never been before.
But please don't leave me stuck inside the car with all the windows rolled up on a hot day, and if we've got to go to the vet, be honest with me about it.
After all, you wouldn't like where the vet has to put the thermometer if you were the one having your temperature checked!

I'm more than willing to share the couch, the beds, and anything else I'm allowed to be on.
Granted, you bought the stuff so have first dibs, but if I'm willing to share, why can't you?

This post dog approved.
I don't question what clothes you wear, so why dress me up?
But don't forget to change my flea collar once in a while. I don't like those little pests any more than you do!

Have you ever heard of the phrase "Let sleeping dogs lie?"
Well, if I don't wake you up after I come back in from being outside, why wake me up when you come home from work or whatever? I know you're as anxious to see me as I am to see you, but we both need our rest.

I don't yell at you for creating "chew toys" from found objects. If you didn't want me playing with your car keys or whatever, why did you drop them on the floor?

You should never run out of dog treats.
After all, if you're running low on something, you go to the store; so unless you're going to lend me some money and the car, please return the courtesy.

Whenever a person asks me to speak, what language are you expecting me to respond in?
I only know canine!

But remember above all else folks.
You humans live far longer than us dogs do.
When we canines enter a long term relationship with you, it's for our entire life!

On that note, I hope everyone has a great week and please be back here again next weekend for more Sunday Funnies.—AtP.

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