Sunday, July 5, 2020


Hello Everybody! The Free Choice E-zine's Editor-In-Chief Lee Houston, Junior here with you today.
Yesterday was July 4, so the ladies have the rest of this weekend off as America celebrates its 244th birthday.🎂

Now, a lot has been said about this country. Good, bad, and indifferent; factual and outright lies since its origins.
Unfortunately no place is totally 100% perfect, but as long as we keep trying, hopefully we'll get it right eventually.

But I'm not here to editorialize, so let's get on with the jokes.

What quacks, has a bill and shouldn’t be trusted?
Beneduck 🦆Arnold.

What do you get if you cross a patriotic American with a small curly-haired dog?
Yankee Poodle.🐩

Which American colonists told the most riddles?

Which letter is the coolest on the 4th of July?
Iced T.

What do you call a snowman⛄ on the 4th of July?
A puddle.

How do pandas🐼 stay cool on Independence Day?
They use bear conditioning.

What did the baby firecracker say to its mother?
"Where's Pop?"🧨

Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?
On the bottom.

Why did Paul Revere ride from Boston to Lexington?
Because the horse🐎 was too heavy to carry.

What did King George think of the American colonists back in the 1770s?
He thought they were revolting!

What do you call an American revolutionary who draws cartoons?
Yankee Doodler.

I put a picture of the USA in a heart💖 shaped locket to celebrate the 4th of July.
Now it's truly independent.

It is quite ironic that on the 4th of July, some of the American flags we wave were made in China.

Some swimming pools will re-open for the 4th of July weekend but due to social distancing, there will be no water in lanes one, three and five.

Anyway, there may not seem to be a whole lot to celebrate right now with the pandemic, racial tension, and the other problems facing this country and the world.
But if you're reading these words at the moment, then that means you're still alive, and that's a start!😉
On that note♫, take care, try to have a great week. STAY SAFE and please be back here again next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!—lh,jr.

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