Sunday, July 26, 2020


Hello Everybody! Autumn the Puppy here!
Now last week, my co-host Waxy Dragon decided to attempt reviving Don't Worry Day.😊
This is something The Free Choice E-zine tried to establish on August 2, 2009 without any success.
The concept was totally sound.
Set aside a day to stop and truly enjoy life without letting the stress and worry get to you.
Something we all need to do at least once a day, especially now with this {censored} pandemic. 😷

Unfortunately the idea didn't take hold.
Guess people were either too busy to pause long enough to stop worrying or liked worrying to begin with.
That last part doesn't really make any sense to me but then again, I still have yet to totally figure out humans and I live in a multi-generational family of them. 😉

So it looks like we're gonna try it again next Sunday.
Wish Waxy would have consulted with me first.
Either that, or I'm jealous she thought of the idea first and I didn't.
In any event, how about some warm up jokes to get ready for next weekend...

Don't you wish mosquitoes would crossbreed with lighting bugs?
It's deja view! 😉
Then we could see them coming at us during the night.

Did you hear about the man who used to get heart burn whenever he ate birthday cake?🎂
Then he realized he was supposed to take the candles off first.😮

A noted locksmith had to testify in court recently.
He was the defense's key witness.

True fact. Did you know typing (^^^) gets you a shark on Facebook's system?
Geez, lawyers are everywhere!

I'm sure everyone knows about the famous Marx Brothers of Comedy.
Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Zeppo, and Gummo.
But did you know the brothers had a sister?
Her name was Onyour.
She invented the starting pistol.

And on that note♫, I better get ready to team up with Waxy for next weekend.
Here's hoping it works this time.
Take care. STAY SAFE!😷 And please be back here next Sunday as we celebrate Don't Worry Day 2020!😊
Until then,

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