Sunday, March 21, 2021


Hello Everybody! Piper D. Katt here!

Yesterday was the Spring Equinox, which means Spring has sprung, although why it was so tightly wound to begin with is beyond me.

But the days will finally start getting longer and warmer, despite the fact that so far they're taking their own sweet time doing so.
That means eventually my people will be able to turn off the heater and open a few windows around here to air out the place and I'll get to enjoy a nice warm breeze wafting across my fur as I enjoy my afternoon sunbeam (ie: nap).

Yet while the days start to warm, the nights will unfortunately still be cool or cold for the time being. Who's in charge of weather to begin with: that stupid groundhog?

In any event, I thought I'd share some photos with you from the Katt family album...

Some folks are able to spend a ton of money on deluxe cat accommodations. I live in a nice two story, five bedroom and three litter pan house myself.
But some felines have to rough it, as seen in the photo on the left.
Then again, in such a big household, especially if there's multiple cats around, there's something to be said for a little privacy now and then. 😼

On the right is a family photo of my cousins, the Pussy Willows.

Below is the first of two photos with Uncle Shadow, who has since crossed the proverbial Rainbow Bridge.
He was always the thinker of his branch of the family tree.
Here he's contemplating Life, The Universe, and Everything Else, including how to acquire his own cat food.
Hey, us felines have to have our priorities! 😸
The image below has been cropped from a much larger photo for decency, so please get your stray thoughts out of the litter box.
My Uncle Shadow spent most, if not his entire 9 lives, pondering that weird invention you humans use.
I mean seriously, a litter box that cleans itself just by pulling a lever? WOW! 🙀
Uncle Shadow always said once he figured that thing out, his next project was going to be examining the can opener because for one thing, where were the cat food cans before they needed to be opened?
But considering he never solved the Porcelain Puzzle... 😿

And below is Uncle Max in his younger days, doing his "Please, Please" routine.
Nobody knows how he self taught himself that trick, but it was a staple of his life until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge too.

And on that note♫, take care. Have a great week.
And I'm sure if he was here right now, Uncle Max would be saying "Please, Please" be with us next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!PDK.

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