Sunday, January 16, 2022


Free Choice E-zine Editor In Chief Lee Houston, Junior here with a brief recap for those who came in late.
We lost our beloved friend and hostess Autumn the Puppy last November. Since then the search has been underway to find someone to join Piper D. Katt😺 hosting The Sunday Funnies.
While I was originally considering maybe a bird or even fish to play off the feline dynamic, this young fellow applied for the job and well...
So without further adieu, here's... KODA!

Hello Everyone.
My name is Koda Canine, a recent adoptee and hopeful new Sunday Funnies host.
I'm a boy dog less than a year old at the moment, mostly housebroken and yes, the house is still standing.
If it matters, I'm not entirely sure of my family tree🌲 besides the facts that I'm 100% canine and that no dog has ever managed to successfully climb any tree to date that I'm aware of.
Now then, if I may...

A human was having dinner at a fancy restaurant when the Waiter approached.
“Sir, I see your glass🥛 is empty. Would you like another one?” the Waiter asked.
The Diner replied, “Why would I want another empty glass?"

Another diner told their waitress that the steak was bad.
She picked it up off their plate, slapped it around for a bit and then put it back down on the plate.
“If it gives you any more trouble, let me know,” she said before walking off.

Some Chess players think playing Checkers is dumb.
Personally, I love playing checkers. Plus the red ones are tasty. 
Don't worry, it's a Puppy thing. I'll outgrow it.

Thank you for your time and I hope I pass the audition.—KC.

On that note♫, while we await feedback on Koda's audition, have a great week and please be with us next weekend for Piper's next regularly scheduled turn hosting The Sunday Funnies.—lh,jr.

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