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Sorry to disappoint those expecting to see this week's

installment of The Sunday Funnies, especially considering who was scheduled to host today, but unfortunately The Free Choice E-zine Family, as well as her human family in the real world, suffered a great and unexpected loss Friday night (November 12, 2021) when Autumn "The Puppy" crossed the Rainbow🌈 Bridge. 😢

Autumn's earliest photo
Autumn was a purebred Golden Retriever pup who came to live with us on November 6, 2009-a few months after her arrival in the world-and she grew up to be a sweet natured, lovable adult dog, who was gentle to children and other pets. She had a long and mostly healthy life, watching over the house, playing with other dogs and children, fetching sticks and tennis balls. She also loved digging in the backyard, leaving many excavations in her wake, although what—if anything—she was actually looking for remains unknown.
The house cats adored her and she befriended most dogs she met and any that she lived with. She was always well behaved indoors (as long as no food was involved), and would come to you and bark if she needed to go outside. She hated being left behind when the family went somewhere without her and would put up a loud protest, and also never forgot to remind you that it was meal time or when she wanted a treat.
Autumn & Lucky playing tug-tug

While he never appeared here, Autumn was predeceased by her happy-go-lucky adopted older brother, Ranger the Chocolate Lab, who taught her how to be more of a good dog and less of a little rascal. In her senior years, she gained another adopted doggie brother named Lucky, a gangly, large, mixed breed fellow whom she taught house manners and good behavior. From Autumn, Lucky also learned how to have fun like sharing toys or chasing sticks without eating them, when to bark and why, how to mooch treats from humans, and the proper way to play tug. Until Lucky came along, Autumn was always the first one at the door to greet you. As she got older and stiff and sore, she turned that job over to him. She was very gentle with all the house kitties, who she treated as friends and they often smooched her or laid down nearby.

Autumn and Lucky
If Autumn had a final wish, it would be that every unwanted pet in a shelter would find a happy forever home with someone who is patient and kind enough to teach them proper manners and make sure they get their yearly exams and vaccinations. Dogs are pack animals. They need to be with their human families as much as possible. They do age faster than humans though so we will likely outlive them, and as they get older their veterinary health needs are even more important. Autumn lived to be 12 years old, which is an average ultimate age for a large breed dog, and most of her life was very happy and healthy. She is very much missed by all—especially by Lucky—but the family has plans to adopt another dog in time so he can have a new sibling to play with and teach things to.
And so the torch is passed...

Autumn and Ranger
Autumn's first Internet appearance was with Ranger on our companion In My "Spare" Time crafts/hobby blog December 20, 2009, which is still a popular archived post to this day.
Her first official Free Choice appearance was a couple of weeks later on January 3, 2010. That led to a second appearance on January 31, and from there a star was born.

Autumn, the later years

Being young at heart, Autumn kept "The Puppy" moniker long after she grew into adulthood and faithfully served as a great family member, loyal companion, true friend, great dog, and Free Choice E-zine contributor until her recent passing. The Emergency Vet said her heart just gave out, a  natural occurrence for a large dog with cardiac issues. A subject I am quite familiar with.

Autumn's last online appearance was sharing the stage on Halloween with Piper D. Katt, who will continue as a solo act until such time as the Editorial We behind The Free Choice decides how to proceed without our friend.

Like the loss of any dear family member, Autumn's passing has left a void within our collective hearts that can never truly be filled. Yet we take pleasure and comfort in both her memories and the privilege of this wonderful golden retriever being a part of our lives for many years.
Autumn the Puppy: 2009-2021

Lee Houston, Junior
Editor-In-Chief, The Free Choice E-zine

Additional material written by photo supplier Nancy A. Hansen
14 November, 2021

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