Sunday, January 30, 2022


Hey Everybody! I'M BACK!
You like me! You REALLY like me!
I'd like to thank the Academy and all the Little people, especially Rich and Stuart.

Koda Canine here!
The Sunday Funnies brand new co-host!
It is such a thrill and honor to be here.
I know I have some major paw prints to fill, but remember I am not here to replace Autumn the Puppy, just to carry on in her stead.
So with that in mind, it's joke time! ⌚

Can you believe it's the weekend all ready?
Nothing seems to last the way it used to.
Except maybe weekdays.
One glance at any calendar will show you the weekend is outnumbered 5-2.
Don't ask me. I'd tell you if I knew.
From my perspective, it all seems the same at times.
Get up in the morning.
Get up from the nap. Go outside to answer Nature's call.
Have you ever noticed that she is never willing to leave a message or call when it's convenient for you?
Everything has to be on HER schedule.
Anyway, come back in.
Take another nap.
Play some with my people.
They need the exercise. 😉
Lather, rinse, repeat.
It gets monotonous after awhile, but it's certainly fun from my perspective! 😀

I can see where it might be boring for humans.
Get up in the morning.
Go to work.
Drag through the long day there and then come home.
Try to relax a little before going to bed, then get up again the next day to do it all over again.
Didn't Adulthood come with a free trial period?
If it did, would there actually be as many adults as there is now?
Adulthood must be popular because there are so many of you.
I can see the advertising recruitment slogan now...
Become An Adult. The world needs more dults.
Say, what is a dult?
That doesn't make any sense, even to me.
And where's this hood anyway?
Is that some kind of uniform all you adults have to wear?
Does it come in different colors?
More importantly from the canine perspective, is it chewable?

In any event, that's all the time and space I have for today folks.
I've been told Piper D. Katt will be back next week and I'll be joining her on February 13 for a combined "Big Game"🏈/Valentines' Day💕 post.
But I wonder what kind of game it is?
I've been unbeatable at Monopoly ever since I ate the deeds to Park Place and Boardwalk. 😉

Seriously though.
Take care.
And please be back here next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!KC.

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