Sunday, November 27, 2022


 Hello Everybody! The Free Choice E-zine's Editor-In-Chief Lee Houston, Junior here today since Piper D. Katt and Koda Canine have the Thanksgiving holiday weekend off.

Now my fill-in efforts have been hit or miss in the past, so I decided to let someone else be funny instead as we turn the Comedy Spotlight on the late Victor Borge (1909-2000).
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A child prodigy ("I wish to thank my parents for making this all possible and my children for making it necessary."), Victor quickly became an accomplished pianist who used the instrument regularly in his act. ("I only know two pieces. One is 'Clair de Lune' and the other one isn't.")

While already established and touring Europe, Borge fled to America at the onset of World War 2 because of the Axis position on Jews. He learned English by watching movies and soon restarted his career in radio before returning to live performances and even television. ("If I have caused just one person to wipe away a tear of laughter, that is my reward.")

Borge is also famous for originating the classic Phonetic Punctuation routine, reading text passages aloud while assigning each punctuation mark a specific sound effect. This routine was performed regularly throughout the rest of his life, including appearances on Sesame Street, The Electric Company and other television shows.

But as they say, seeing is believing...

Of course one brief film clip does not do the man justice, but there are plenty of DVDs and YouTube clips to view.

In any event he loved to entertain people because, as Borge himself said: "Humor is something that thrives between man's aspirations and his limitations. There is more logic in humor than in anything else. Because, you see, humor is truth."

So on that note♫
Take care.
And please be back next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!—lh,jr.


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