Sunday, January 8, 2023


Hello Everybody! Piper D. Katt here with the second Sunday Funnies of the New Year!

Yeah, I know what you folks are thinking, but January 1 was on a Sunday this year and our Editor-In-Chief Lee Houston, Junior held down the fort, so to speak, pretty admirably while Koda Canine and I were off for the holidays.
Some people have the nerve to claim Koda and I are off all the time, and maybe you need that to do what we do, but I don't know for sure.

Anyway, let's see what new jokes Santa Paws brought me for Christmas. Ready?

A farmer used his wage subsidy to buy chickens.πŸ”πŸ£πŸ€πŸ₯
He got his money for nothing and his chicks for free.

I like to help people find things by pointing out that “It’s got to be around here somewhere.”
Hey, I'm always willing to lend a paw. I don't just eat and sleep all day. 😼
After all, dang if I do, bored if I don't.

I crossed a chicken with a banjo.πŸͺ•
I now have a chicken that plucks itself.

I am so good at sleeping, I can do it with my eyes closed.

A TomatoπŸ… family were walking down the street when the Baby Tomato fell behind.
Daddy Tomato went back to it and said “Let's ketchup with Mommy!”

Of all the things that tastes like chicken, it's weird that eggsπŸ₯šπŸ₯š are not one of them.

Fed up with how the world is today, a man deleted all his social media accounts, sold everything and moved into the wilderness where no one would ever find him.
Or so he thought.
One day a carrier pigeon arrived with a message tied to its leg.
The note read: “Hello. We’ve been trying to reach you about your extended warranty.”

So on that note♫ take care.
Have a great week and please be back next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!PDK

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