Sunday, September 3, 2023


 Hello Everybody! The Free Choice E-zine's Editor in Chief Lee Houston, Junior here. Piper D. Katt and Koda Canine are off with their families since it's the Labor Day holiday weekend here in the United States, so I will be entertaining you today.

We've all heard tales of brave knights slaying dragons, rescuing damsels in distress, and performing other deeds of daring do on various quests and other adventures. There's even that Dark Knight who's been protecting Gotham City since...

Well, you get the idea that there have been plenty of knights throughout history, but there are some you may not of heard much about before now. Like—

Sir Cumference, the knight who designed King Arthur's Round Table.

The knight that ventured too deep into the enemy’s lair was Sir Rounded.

The master of pottery was Sir Ramic.

The knight that stopped fighting when the odds were too great against him was named Sir Render. 

The knight that always supplied good meats to his people was Sir Loin of Beef.

The king’s knight who was always able to spy on the enemy without ever being discovered was Sir Veillance. 
The knight that always showed up unexpectedly was Sir Prize.

The knight who always had plenty to spare was Sir Plus.
Unfortunately, the knight who loved his mead more than fighting was Sir Osis.

Then again, it wasn't easy being a knight.
Despite the job title, you had to work days as well.
Imagine walking or riding on a horse in full armor.
After all, how do you get on a horse in full armor?

And fighting dragons was tough.
Besides the vast size difference, dragons always thought knights were crunchy and tasted good with ketchup.
They could just heat up the armor for a hot meal before using a claw like a can opener and...

Anyway, Piper and Koda will be back next Sunday as they team up for our annual BACK TO SCHOOL SALUTE.
Until then, take care.
If you have to work Labor Day and are not a member of either law enforcement, emergency (fire, medical) services or a branch of the military; then shame on your employer.
Otherwise, have a great week, please be back next weekend for more Sunday Funnies, and to all a good knight!—lh,jr.

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