Sunday, March 10, 2024


 Hello Everybody! Koda Canine here!

Did everyone in the United States remember to Spring Forward overnight to start Daylight Savings Time?
Personally, I don't quite understand it all myself.

Spring itself is still a couple of weeks away when I looked at the calendar this morning.
We "lost" an hour moving all the clocks⌚⏰ ahead overnight, yet the Sun🌞 is still on the right time, so to speak.
We're supposed to get the hour back sometime around Halloween 🎃,  yet who has it at the moment?
And how come they will only be returning it as is?
Why isn't there any interest? A few extra minutes or something for doing without that hour over the months ahead.
In any event, it's time for some timely jokes. Ready?

A busted clock is still accurate twice a day.
Unless it's digital. Then all you ever see is a blank screen.

When you stir up trouble, do you work in a clockwise direction, a counter clockwise direction, or in a figure 8?

If you're at home asleep and dream of being at work, do you get paid for whatever you did in the dream?

If your clock is still hungry after dinner, does it go back four seconds? 😉

Do ducks🦆🦆 wake up at the quack of dawn?

Never annoy a clock. You don't want them ticked off.

Never attempt to make a belt out of either watches and/or clocks. It's just a waist  of time.

If no one comes back from the future, is that good or bad?

Time travel stories sometimes feature a plot point where someone makes a really minute change there, and when they get back, the whole world has changed.
Why can’t we make that small change now?

So on that note♫ take care.
Have a great week!
Since Saint Patrick's Day falls on a Sunday this year, Larry the Leprechaun🍀will be guest hosting next weekend's Sunday Funnies with some appropriate laughs!—KC.

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