Monday, May 25, 2009


Dear Readers:

Today is Memorial Day.
Some consider it the start of Summer, although that season actually begins in June (21st).
But as you enjoy your cookouts, the beach, baseball games, or whatever your plans are for today, please take a moment to remember the Veterans!

You may not always agree with the military's actions.
You may have even lost loved ones because of past events.
But if not for those who have fought for and defended their country, you may not be allowed to read these words.
Under different circumstances, I may not even be permitted to write them!

There have been, and alas will probably always be wars and rumors of wars.
There will always be those that, for whatever reason(s), will want to harm and/or conquer others, even if their own "crime" is the fact that they exist.
But if not for the various branches of the military doing what they must, the world today would be a totally different place.

Lee Houston, Junior
Editor-In-Chief: News of The Free Choice e-zine.

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