Sunday, May 24, 2009


With this being the Memorial Day weekend, the person behind our resident comedienne Ms. Waxy Dragon (one amongst many Internet avatars) is enjoying the weekend with their family.
Therefore, I am going once more into the archives of history to present another slice of Americana with some more Burma Shave poetry.

A short recap for those who came in late...
The Burma Shave signs were a highway staple from the early 1930s till the end of the 1950s, offering a mix of safe driving tips and ads for the sponsors products in (usually) four line poems, with the last sign always being the company logo.
While the signs ended production with the 1960s with the advent of the modern day freeway, they could still be found on country road sides for a few years after and are fondly remembered and sought after by collectors.

But now, on to the poetry...

Her chariot raced
80 miles per
They hauled away
What had Ben Hur

Henry the Eighth
Sure had trouble
Short-term wives
Long-term stubble

"I use it too."
The bald man said.
"It keeps my face
Just like my head."

Dim Your Lights
Behind a Car
Let Folks See
How Bright You Are

Our time's at an end
No room for more punnies
See you next weekend
With more Sunday Funnies!

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