Saturday, May 30, 2009


*Although trying to financially restructure what they can, including giving the United Auto Workers union a minority stake in the company in exchange for contract concessions, GM might still be filing for bankruptcy protection as early as next week.
*Meanwhile, facing a similar situation and taking parallel steps, Chrysler has cut the pension package and guaranteed car option of their former CEO Lee Iacocca. While neither was legally protected as a provision of previous arrangements, it is ironic that this happened considering Iacocca saved the Chrysler Corporation from bankruptcy back in the 1980s.
*President Barack Obama has nominated Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court.
*Jay Leno "retired" from The Tonight Show last night, but he will not be far removed from the public eye, with stand up gigs over the summer while preparing for his new show in the final hour of weeknight prime time scheduled to begin this fall. But I did find it quite interesting and heartwarming to discover what he considers his "legacy" after hosting The Tonight Show for the past 17 years.
*Former Late Night host Conan O'Brien is scheduled to begin hosting The Tonight Show starting Monday.
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