Saturday, September 5, 2009


*Tomorrow night begins the annual Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon.
*This past week, critics threatened legal action when President Barack Obama announced he is planning an address to school children that could be picked up on line for those who wanted to see it. The "concerned citizens" argued that the situation would not allow for open debate and presented "a chance for the current administration to brainwash our kids about current policies" when in fact, the speech was only in regards to the merits of a good education and the benefits of staying in school. To placify the critics, the text of that speech, that will be made Tuesday, September 8th, is posted on line at
Makes one wonder about the education of the critics, doesn't it?
*The Walt Disney Corporation (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc) has made an offer to purchase Marvel Enterprises (Spider-man, the Hulk, etc) lock, stock, and comic book company. The offer still has to pass an anti-trust review before it can be voted upon by Marvel Enterprises' shareholders.
*The earthly remains of entertainer Michael Jackson were laid to rest this week while the investigation into his death continues.
*Charles Gibson has announced his retirement. Corespondent Diane Sawyer is scheduled to replace him as anchor of ABC World News Tonight in early 2010.
*The much anticipated Beatles edition of the video game Rock Band is scheduled to be released September 9, 2009 along with a totally remastered collection of every Beatles' group album. I wonder if it would be possible to acquire a DVD of just the music videos produced for the game?
*AND IN SPORTS, college football starts another season this weekend.

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